Why are GM employees not allowed to take parts home?

Why are GM employees not allowed to take parts home?

Working in an automotive factory is always going to be a way for employees to take parts home that they shouldn’t, whether it’s to sell for a quick profit or to borrow. This is one of the more strict rules that GM has put into place in their factory level employees, and this is to protect the consumers and the employees at the same time.

How long has rich Lawley been in the car business?

Rich grew up in the car business in Southern California and moved to Arizona in 2010. He has worked in almost every department of the car business, with some of the bigger dealership groups, and as a General Manager for over 17 years.

Is there a alumni website for General Motors?

Welcome to the new GM Alumni website. The new name reflects the inclusion of not only retirees but the greater community of employees who have worked at General Motors. This site is intended to keep our advocate base up to date with GM news and provide easy access to vehicle purchase discounts, benefit information, and much more.

What are the rules for working at General Motors?

One of the biggest rules when it comes to working at General Motors is the prohibition of taking photos while on a project, especially if you are part of a certain developmental team who might be working on something significant such as a new concept car or the next generation of a popular model such as the Silverado. ( Indeed )

Who are eligible for the GM Family Legacy Program?

GM Family Legacy Program (FLP) A. Eligible Participants This Program is available only to: 1) Children of deceased GM retirees without surviving spouses. 2) Children of a deceased GM retiree who declined surviving spouse benefits. 3) Children of deceased surviving spouses who were receiving health care or pension benefits from GM.

How does the General Motors employee discount program work?

General Motors Employee Discount Program Rules and Guidelines Overview The General Motors Employee Discount Program (the “Program”) provides eligible participants (each a “Participant”) with the opportunity to purchase or lease new and unused vehicles (“Eligible Vehicles”) at the Program price from a participating dealer.

Why do car dealerships fight the service manager?

Because the people who fulfill the generic contracts are paid by how little service they have to do. So they fight the dealer on every penny. They’ll want to see the entire labor record on the car. They won’t want to pay for parts. They’ll fight on the cost of the labor.

How many vehicles can GM employees use per year?

Limitation on Number of Vehicles I. EVPP Current employees and retirees:Active and retired GM and GM Financial employees are eligible to receive six (6) authorizations per year.