Are We failing parents whose children are taken into care?

Are We failing parents whose children are taken into care?

Are we failing parents whose children are taken into care? Social services can remove child after child from the same mother, without her being offered the help she needs to become a good-enough parent. The result is heartbreak, and very expensive – but now judges are calling for a new approach

What do you need to know about losing a parent?

Confronting and accepting that the pain is there is scary, but you need to do it to start the grieving process. When my father died, I tried so hard to be strong for my mum and little sister, and show everybody how resilient and tough I was. But just remember you can only put on an act for so long.

What happens to parents when their child is taken away?

“Parents experience further trauma and profound loss when intervention is not available and their child has to be removed. Many are desperate for help and engage well with the right treatment when it’s provided,” she says.

How is pause project in Hackney helping mothers?

The Pause project in Hackney provides intensive treatment for mothers who have suffered the loss of multiple children: it recently won Department for Education funding to replicate its work in Doncaster, Newham, Southwark and Hull. That money will also pay for a linked project to help women who have had just one child taken away.

What happens when parents keep their kids away from the other parent?

Parents who use such strategies actually increase the degree of parental conflict and increase the likelihood of Court action as the parent whose relationship with the child has been limited, turns to the Court to seek a remedy.

Can a parent stop their child from doing something bad?

Their parents are in no position to stop their kids from developing these bad habits. It would be hypocritical to forbid an activity that they have modeled for their own children. Children will often emulate what they observe in their homes.

How to deal with the loss of a parent?

It’s OK to lose your composure, to have an outburst of emotion in public or privately at home or to completely fall apart. We take a lot of strength from our parents, so when you lose one of them, it’s crushing. One thing I’ve noticed is that you tend to idolise the parent you’ve lost.

When to withhold a child from a parent?

The issue is not withholding a child from a parent, but structuring the situation to provide for children’s safety and well-being. If there is truly an issue with a parent’s behavior, demand they seek help to address the problem yet facilitate access through a place of safety.