Can a 21 year old get a child support order?

Can a 21 year old get a child support order?

The court can also make these orders for 21 and 22 year olds if they live with one of their parents. They must also be mainly dependent on that parent for their maintenance and be in school or college.

When does the order for child support end?

Your order for current support will end when your child turns 18, unless you or the other parent shows documentation to the child support agency that your child has returned to high school or is enrolled in a program to obtain his GED. I still want my support, but I do not want child support services anymore.

Can a court order an adult to pay child support?

Any court deciding whether a parent must pay child support for an adult child in a state that has a statute requiring such support will have a very easy task ordering the continuation of child support payments if the child’s condition satisfies the statutory requirements.

How old do you have to be to stop paying child support?

18 years of age; 16 years if married; child support ceases at age 18 unless the child reaches 18 before completing the child’s high school education, but no later than age 19. No statute or case law holding parents to a duty to college support in the absence of a written agreement.

Can a court ordered child support be adjusted?

Court-ordered child support payments are not set in stone. If the court based your payments on your child spending 25 percent of the week with you, but your child ends up spending more time at your house, your payments can be adjusted. Sometimes the custodial parent may request that you keep your child additional nights.

When does a child support order come to an end?

A great example of this is the situation in which one of the children covered in a child support order turns 18 years old. Most people figure that the child support order for a child will stop automatically after the child turns 18 years old.

How old do you have to be to get a child support order?

After all, the child support order itself may even have language saying that child support is ordered until the child turns 18. But the thing to keep in mind is that there isn’t anyone other than you and the other parent paying attention to the child’s ongoing child support eligibility.

Can a custodial parent get a child support order?

The custodial parent can get child support even if that parent can support the child on their own. Even if the two parents are living together with the child, one parent can get a child support order if the other parent refuses to help pay for the child’s bills.