Can a landlord lock the attic?

Can a landlord lock the attic?

Yes, he can. He can specify which parts of a house that are off limits. It might be for any number of reasons, but he can restrict parts of the house from tenants. However, if he just says, “Don’t go in the attic,” it’s likely that won’t carry much legal weight.

Should I go in my attic?

Entering the attic can be dangerous. You may fall through a ceiling, damage finishes, get an electric shock, or irritate your lungs, eyes or skin with insulation materials. When the attic insulation completely covers the ceiling joists, we do not recommend that you walk through the attic.

Do apartments have attics?

Condos and apartment complexes typically have common attic areas that code requires to have at least one secured access. “The code does not prohibit a condo owner from having a hatch entrance to attic space, but that entrance also must be fire-rated,” Lynch said.

What can a landlord do if a tenant moves in?

If there is clear evidence that someone new is living at the property, the tenant could be in breach of their contract. There is often a clause in tenancy agreements about not subletting a property. If someone else has moved in, it is important that the situation is not left unaddressed.

Can a landlord enter the apartment of a tenant?

Tenants are entitled to exclusive possession of the premises they rent, even to the exclusion of the landlord. Owners, landlords, property managers, or the landlord’s agents cannot simply enter a tenant’s unit anytime they please and for any reason.

Can a landlord increase the rent after a tenancy?

When a new tenancy is entered into, the landlord and tenant decide how much the rent will be for the rental unit and which services will be included in the rent (for example, parking, cable, heat, electricity). In most cases, the rent cannot be increased until at least 12 months after the tenant moved in.

What does the Residential Tenancies Act not apply to?

Many of the rules about rent do not apply to: But these units are still covered by most of the other rules in the Act about such things as maintenance and the reasons for eviction. The Act does not apply if the tenant must share a kitchen or bathroom with the landlord. The Landlord and Tenant Board resolves disputes between tenants and landlords.

Can a tenant change the locks on a rental property?

No, a tenant is not permitted to change the door locks on his or her unit unless he or she first consults the landlord and is granted permission by the landlord to do so. Even if permission is granted, the tenant usually has a certain number of days to provide the landlord with a set of keys which can open the new locks.

When does a landlord have the right to enter an apartment?

The landlord has the right to enter the tenant’s unit to show the tenant’s apartment. This could include showing the unit to prospective tenants , actual tenants who will be living in the unit once the current tenant leaves, prospective buyers, actual buyers, appraisers, mortgagees, repairmen or contractors.

Is it illegal to rent an attic without a fire escape?

Converted attics without a fire escape are typically illegal too. No address or way of receiving mail. Most of the time, a rental unit that does not have its own address is illegal.

Can a landlord move my stuff out of my apartment?

If you have belongings outside your apartment, landlord can move them. He will probably leave a note saying that stuff was moved to your storage area, or stuff can’t be stored blocking a door or stairs. The next note might say that your things will be disposed of if not moved in a few days.