Can a person Sue the person who caused a car accident?

Can a person Sue the person who caused a car accident?

If the driver who caused the crash doesn’t have insurance or has minimal coverage, then your ability to recover the pain and suffering compensation, excess medical benefits and lost wages and other economic damages you’re entitled to may be limited by the driver’s personal assets and ability to pay.

When to hire a lawyer for a car accident lawsuit?

If you’ve been seriously injured and you’ve hired a lawyer to file a car accident lawsuit on your behalf against the at-fault negligent driver, assume that the insurance defense lawyer on the other side will be doing the same and carefully reviewing every insurance form and application that you have submitted.

Can a car accident case settle for more money?

But insurance industry research shows that cases will settle for 3 to 4 times as much when you have an experienced lawyer. Cases will settle faster and for more money. The lawyers at Michigan Auto Law have more than 50 years of experience getting record-breaking automobile crash settlements and trial verdicts for our clients.

Can you sue your insurance company for personal injury?

1- The Plaintiff cannot sue your insurance company in personal injury claims. The only way to bring and file a lawsuit is to file the lawsuit against you (the individual that caused the wreck) directly. Is that the way I wish it was?

What happens if my spouse causes a car accident?

Your spouse is fine, but the driver in the other vehicle suffered severe injuries and may not be able to work ever again. Now your spouse is being sued. The other driver wants to be compensated for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Can a person be sued for a car accident?

If you have acted recklessly or negligently and an accident occurred in which people have been injured or property has been damaged, you may be sued for that accident and end up in court. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind if you end up in the middle of a lawsuit.

How long has insurance been trying to settle car accident?

When I talked to the insurance company today, they said they have been trying to settle this for the past two years with them, however, not working. So I am wondering what’s going on?

What happens if you hurt someone in a car accident?

Let’s say you hurt someone and you have an insurance policy with Tennessee Farm Bureau Insurance Company. Farm Bureau and their attorneys don’t want to pay very much on the claim you have caused, and they offer to the plaintiff something below your full insurance policy limits.