Can an exempt employee be paid a daily rate?

Can an exempt employee be paid a daily rate?

An exempt employee’s earnings may be computed on an hourly, a daily or a shift basis, without losing the exemption or violating the salary basis requirement, if the employment arrangement also includes a guarantee of at least the minimum weekly required amount paid on a salary basis regardless of the number of hours.

What makes an inside sales employee an exempt employee?

Inside sales employees are generally classified as non-exempt. However, they’re considered exempt if they satisfy all three of the following: The employee works at a retail establishment (which means 75% of the establishment’s gross annual revenues must be sales to an end user, as opposed to wholesale).

Can a exempt employee be paid the same salary?

Exempt Employees and Rules Requiring Specified Hours. You probably are aware that exempt employees generally should be paid the same salary regardless of the number of hours they work or the quantity of work they produce.

When does an exempt manager have to be at work?

For example, if an employee manages nonexempt employees who must be at work between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can require the exempt manager to be at work during the same hours to supervise properly. Learn all you need to know about getting compensation right by properly classifying employees in this new PayScale whitepaper: Employee Classification

What are the rights of an exempt employee?

Rights of exempt vs. non-exempt employees Non-exempt employees have rights under the FLSA, including minimum wage and overtime pay. But exempt employees do not have those rights. The only real “right” that the exempt employee has under FLSA is to be paid their guaranteed minimum salary in any week that they perform some work.

Can a salary exempt employee work every week?

But there must be some part of the employee’s salary that is guaranteed every week in which they work at all. However, if the employee is paid by the hour, and earns a different amount of money depending on how many hours they work, they are probably not exempt.

Who is exempt from the inside sales exemption?

Under federal law, the inside sales exemption applies only to employees who. (a) earn more than 150% of the minimum wage, (b) derive at least 50% of their income from commissions, and.

Can a sales manager be exempt from overtime?

Legal opinions – a Sales Manager’s best friend! The issue boils down to time-tracking and payment for overtime. In short, nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. Exempt employees are not. Here’s an explanation from Hopkins & Carley, a Silicon Valley legal firm. (c) work in the “retail and service industry.”

What is a salary non exempt employee?

FLSA Requirements for salary non-exempt employees. For most employees, whether they can be considered for a non-exempt salary position will depend on how much they are paid, how they are paid, and what kind of work they do. Employees that are paid more than $23,600 per ($455 per week) qualify for salaried positions.