Do I have to let my daughter see her grandparents?

Do I have to let my daughter see her grandparents?

If you have concerns about protecting your children from the same physical or psychological harm that your parents inflicted upon you as a child (or as an adult), you are not legally obligated to allow your children to spend time with their grandparents.

How does a court decide on grandparent visitation?

State laws that provide visitation rights to grandparents usually require that a certain number of conditions be met before these rights can be granted. The marital status of the parents is considered by the court in the majority of states before the court will evaluate the relevant factors to determine if grandparental visitation is appropriate.

What are the rules for grandparent visitation in Arkansas?

Arizona law lists factors to be considered in determining the best interests of grandchildren. Arkansas law requires that grandparents meet tough standards for visitation, including the harm standard.

How often can a grandparent visit a child?

Occasional and temporary visitation has been treated as approximately one weekend per month, with some time potentially in the summer, or around a holiday or for other special occasions. We hope that this blog post has shed some light on the complex and emotional issue of grandparent visitation and the limitations thereon.

Can a grandparent have custody of a child?

A person with supervised visitation can spend time with the child at a licensed facility or in the presence of a designated third-party. Factors Considered for Custody and Visitation. Courts grant custody or visitation to grandparents only when certain conditions described in the relevant state laws are met.

What are the legal visitation rights of a grandparent?

Grandparent visitation is a legal right that grandparents in some jurisdictions may have to have court-ordered contact (or visitation) with their grandchildren.

What can grandparents do to enforce visitation?

While each state is different, grandparents generally can file a contempt, enforcement, or violation petition or motion against their adult children for failure to obey a court order for custody or visitation.

Can you allow grandparents to exercise your visitation?

The Visitation Rights Enforcement Act, signed into law in 1998, states that grandparents with legal visitation rights in one state can exercise them in other states. In essence, state courts must respect the original state’s visitation rights. This federal law doesn’t establish grandparent visitation rights. That must happen in a state court.

What you should know about visitation rights for grandparents?

Legally speaking, grandparents do not automatically have the right to visit their grandchildren. Like anyone else, the parent the child is living with does not need to allow you to see your grandchild. This is a common concern for grandparents, especially if your grandchild is living with their other parent instead of your son or daughter.