Do you have to fight your own case in court?

Do you have to fight your own case in court?

There is a solution to these problems and the solution is fighting one’s own case. But with greater power comes greater responsibility.

Why is the Attorney General suing Hillandale Farms?

Rising food prices have contributed to recent increases in food insecurity. the lawsuit of Attorney General Letitia James charging Hillandale Farms with price gouging on eggs is an important contribution to fighting food insecurity.

When did Attorney General James Sue quality King?

In May 2020, Attorney General James sued Quality King Distributors, a Long Island-based wholesale company, for illegally raising prices on Lysol disinfectant products it sold to retail stores in New York. The lawsuit was filed in the Commercial Division of New York State Supreme Court for New York County.

How to defend yourself in a homeowners association lawsuit?

To defend against a Homeowners Association lawsuit, you should read your association’s governing documents and seek the help of a lawyer. Read the complaint. The Homeowners Association will file a complaint in court to start the lawsuit.

Can a company win a frivolous lawsuit in court?

The reality is that a lawsuit can be costly to defend. Even if you are right and win in court, you often lose because the cost to defend against a frivolous lawsuit can damage an individual or company defendant to their financial core.

How can I fight back against a collection lawsuit?

Fighting Back Against Collection Lawsuits. A collection lawsuit occurs when a creditor files a petition with the court to begin a lawsuit against a consumer who owes them money. Collection lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming. Most creditors will opt not to go this route when trying to collect an alleged debt repayment.

Can a company defend itself against a lawsuit?

You might be able to defend your case if you never received the good or service stated in the lawsuit, the good was defective, the contract for the service was legally canceled, or the contract was illegal to begin with.

Is there recourse for meritless lawsuits in the USA?

One of America’s virtues is that the courts are open to both rich and poor people alike to help them settle disputes. While not all claims are successful, most people believe that everyone is entitled to their day in court if they believe they have a legitimate case.