How are personal injury judgements work in BC?

How are personal injury judgements work in BC?

The Judge found that the Plaintiff suffered an injury to her jaw, left thumb and wrist, which resolved in one month. She had a soft tissue injury to her neck, which largely resolved within two years although she continued to suffer from stiffness in her neck and occasional headaches.

What was the court judgement for a 15 year old?

A 15 year old suffered a serious knee injury in a slip and fall accident and a Judge awarded him $100,000 for pain and suffering, $150,000 for loss of earning capacity and $50,000 for combined past and future loss of housekeeping capacity.

What was the verdict in the MVA case?

The judge also found that the plaintiff would suffer an ongoing loss of $62,000 per year for the remaining years of his working life.

What was the case of Brar v Johal?

[ Case with minimal damage to vehicle as a factor in assessing compensation for personal injury claim ] Brar v. Johal — The Plaintiff was involved in a rear-end collision in December 1998. Liability was admitted and the court was asked to assess damages for his injuries.

When was the delineation of the neck node levels published?

In 2003, a panel of experts published a set of consensus guidelines for the delineation of the neck node levels in node negative patients (Radiother Oncol, 69: 227-36, 2003). In 2006, these guidelines were extended to include the characteristics of the node positive and the post-operative neck (Radi …

What happens after surgery for head and neck cancer?

Surgery for head and neck cancers often changes the patient’s ability to chew, swallow, or talk. The patient may look different after surgery, and the face and neck may be swollen. The swelling usually goes away within a few weeks.

What are clinical trials for head and neck cancer?

Clinical trials are research studies conducted with people who volunteer to take part. Participation in clinical trials is an option for many patients with head and neck cancer. Ongoing clinical trials are testing the effectiveness of treatments for head and neck cancers.

What kind of brain damage does a closed head injury cause?

Closed head injuries frequently cause diffuse brain damage, which means damage to several areas of the brain. For example, both sides of the brain are damaged and the nerves are stretched throughout the brain. This is called diffuse axonal injury or DAI.