How do you unlock Steve battle mode?

How do you unlock Steve battle mode?

Steve is unlocked by completing the drawer puzzle as Chris (in the main game) and getting the gold luger replica. Starting inventory: Combat knife, gold lugers, submachine guns, and two fully mixed herbs. An A ranking is achieved with Steve by completing it in under nine minutes.

What is Code Veronica battle?

Battle Game map from BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica kanzenban kaitaishinsho. The game is played on one set series of rooms with one set pattern of enemies however, each character fights their own specific boss at the end. Every boss fought except for the Tyrant T-078 is the same room they were fought as in the main game.

How do you get a rank code in Veronica?

Getting an A Rank in Code Veronica is considerably harder than other Resident Evil games, however. To get an A rank, you need to: Beat the game in 4 hours, 30 minutes. Beat the game without saving – the only save allowed is prompted before the disc swap.

What is the Luger replica for?

Purpose. It must be found in order to unlock Steve Burnside in the Battle Game and has no function at all in the main game.

Does Code Veronica have trophies?

Unlock all trophies. Escape from the graveyard of terror. Liberate the changed man. Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S….Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Trophies.

Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Genres Shooter, Puzzle, Adventure
Themes Action, Horror, Survival
Mode Single player

Is Code Veronica linear?

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica The Linear Launcher is normally only available after Alexia transforms into her final form in which it will destroy it in one hit. However, Alexia can be very difficult to hit with it because of her quick movements. In Battle Game, it can take out just about any enemy in one hit.

Is Leon in Code Veronica?

This makes Code Veronica the only installment in the main series (apart from the original and its remake) without a numbered title. Apparently, Leon S. In the finished game, Leon is briefly mentioned but makes no appearance.

How do you unlock the rocket launcher in Code Veronica?

Gameplay. The Rocket Launcher does not appear in the main game unless it is unlocked. It is unlocked if the player beats the main game in an A rank. After it is unlocked it will appear in Claire Redfield’s inventory at the start of a new game in the CODE: Veronica X version.

How do you get the linear launcher code in Veronica?

It is also an unlockable weapon in Code: Veronica, it is obtained after beating the Battle Game with A rank with all the characters. It can only be used in Battle Game however.

Where does the eagle plate go in Code Veronica?

There are two of these plates in the game, and both are used in two different locations. One is used on the stone pedestal overlooking the courtyard in the 2F Back Courtyard of the Military Training Facility. Another is used on the guillotine in the Execution Yard of the Prison.

Where do you go in Veronica X Battle Mode?

Go down the hall to the door on the right. Room 13:Try the Slot Machine to get either the Submachine Gun or D.I.J. Diary. Don’t read it for now. Go back to Room 12. Room 12:Go to the other door. Room 14:Bow Gun. Room 15:Bow Gun. Room 16:Shoot the barrel next to you with the Handgun and you’ll create a chain reaction and kill all of the Zombies.

Is it easy to kill Veronica in Resident Evil?

They come in different sizes and shapes and are easy to kill. The damage they take is pretty fair.

Do you need submachine guns to play Veronica X?

Plus, I changed all of Steve’s guide so if you don’t want to play First-Person, you only need to use SMG’s (Submachine Guns). 8/20/04-v.1.11 Sorry, no more updates (unless I remember something I forgot) since I never check my e-mail. I will check my e-mail and update 1 more time soon. 8/08/04-v.1.10 Added to the credits section.