How long do Trion Air Bear filters last?

How long do Trion Air Bear filters last?

How Often Should I Change My Trion Air Bear Filter? The Trion Air Bear furnace filter offers a service life of six to nine months. Service life will vary based on the quality of indoor air in your home and the contaminants present.

How often should you clean electronic air filters?

The collection cells of an electronic air cleaner need to be cleaned at least two or three times a year. The filter should be checked every 3 to 4 weeks. If you have a reuse type, replace your filter when necessary. Before they are re-installed, the filters should be completely dry.

What is the MERV rating of an electronic air cleaner?

Electrostatic air filters have a MERV rating between one and four. These capture less than 20% of dust. Filters that are rated at a four or below only stop particles that are greater than 10 pm in size, which includes pollen, dust mites, and carpet fibers.

When should I change my air bear filter?

On average, MERV 11 filter cartridges should be replaced every 4-6 months of normal usage.

What MERV rating should I get for home?

Using an air filter with a MERV rating of about 5 to 8 is appropriate for most residential homes. MERV 5 – MERV 8 filters provide good filtration and will remove most pollen, mold spores, and dust mites.

How does a Trion home air cleaner work?

Trion® electronic air cleaners easily attach directly to your home’s heating and cooling system ductwork, passing recirculated air through the air cleaner. A permanent, washable, aluminum mesh pre-filter captures large particles in the air pulled in by the furnace blower.

Is there an after filter for Trion he plus?

The permanent, aluminum air purifying cells can be easily removed for cleaning, so there are no replacement filters to buy – ever. An optional, replaceable charcoal after-filter greatly reduces common household odors.

What can Trion technology do for your home?

Learn how Trion technology is able to remove smoke, oil, and dirt caused from industrial machinery and processes. Using Trion’s air cleaners can help improve your health, make you feel more comfortable, and protect your home. Remove grease, smoke, oil mist, odors, and other contaminants from your kitchen for peak performance.