How quickly can a divorce be finalized in Pennsylvania?

How quickly can a divorce be finalized in Pennsylvania?

The typical time for a 3301(d) Pennsylvania uncontested divorce, from the date of filing to the court granting a divorce decree is 4-6 weeks for RUSH service, 8-12 weeks for FAST Service, and 13-16 weeks for NORMAL Service. We do not control how long the court takes, so times are approximate.

How do I prepare for a divorce in PA?

The following is a list of the top steps you should consider taking to prepare for divorce:

  1. Cancel all joint credit accounts.
  2. Close joint bank and investment accounts.
  3. Change your direct deposit and cancel automatic deductions from bank accounts.
  4. Secure important and/or valuable personal property.

How to file for a divorce in Pennsylvania?

1 Eligibility. To file for divorce in Pennsylvania, one of the two spouses must have lived in the state for at least six months prior to filing. 2 Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has both no-fault divorces and fault divorces. 3 Process to Divorce. …

Is there a no fault divorce in Pennsylvania?

Although some states allow legal separation, Pennsylvania does not recognize this as an option for couples who do not want to be married any longer. Pennsylvania is both a no-fault and a fault-based state.

What are the main divorce grounds in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania recognizes several fault-based divorce grounds, including: felony conviction resulting in imprisonment for two or more years. Fault-based divorces are usually more expensive and time-consuming that no-fault ones. Some couples seek fault divorces to have an advantage in a custody case or to increase their alimony award.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in PA?

For this reason, all 3301 (d) divorces in Pennsylvania must be accompanied by an Affidavit of Non-Military Service. Pennsylvania divorce costs vary from one complaint to the next, and costs can vary from one county to another. Certain court filing costs may be hundreds of dollars.

How fast can I get a divorce in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the court may call an uncontested divorce a “no-fault divorce” or a “mutual consent divorce.” A mutual consent divorce is a faster divorce process than traditional divorce-you can get divorced in three to four months, rather than the standard two or more years.

How do you file for divorce in Pennsylvania?

In order to file for divorce in Pennsylvania at least one spouse must have resided in Pennsylvania for at least six (6) months immediately prior to filing for divorce. Fill Out your Forms. When filing for a divorce you must file certain documents as required by the court. Use the Complaint form to start the divorce action.

What is a no fault divorce in PA?

In Pennsylvania, a no-fault divorce is a dissolution of marriage in which neither party blames the other for the breakdown of their union.

Is PA a marital property state?

Pennsylvania is NOT a community property state. Pennsylvania, like the majority of states, is a “marital property” state and utilizes an “equitable distribution” procedure for dividing marital property.