How to create your own product review website?

How to create your own product review website?

It is very simple to create a review website. Just choose the niche in which you are perfect and start writing reviews for the products belonging to that niche. The coolest factor of having a review website is that you get to review new products as soon as they are launched in the market.

Where can I build a WordPress review site?

To build a review website with WordPress, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and web hosting plan. We recommend Bluehost for hosting your WordPress website. It’s one of the largest hosting providers in the world and an officially recommended hosting provider by Read our complete Bluehost review for more details.

Is it good to have a review website?

There are many advantages of creating a review website apart from just making money. Once you create a review website and gain regular visitors on it, it would become a great source of earning passive income for you. However, don’t think it as some sort of get rich quick scheme.

Is it good to have a forum on your website?

People tend to fall in the camp of loving online forums or thinking they are a waste of time. According to experts like Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips, adding a forum to your website is a great idea if you have enough traffic to keep it active.

What’s the best way to build a review website?

There are several techniques to build a review website: Create functionality where users can leave their testimonials. Use integrations with other large review websites like Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp or others via API to take the reviews generated on those platforms and add them to your website.

How to create a website with WP-review Pro?

Apart from that, WP-Review Pro provides a bundle of features to make your reviews leave an everlasting effect on your viewers. Control the review box width. Offer the user to give ratings in the comment box. Align review box to left or right. Beautiful loading effects. Show Review rating on the thumbnail. New Circle rating type.

Is it easy to create a forum for your website?

Wix Forum is here and it is absolutely great. By adding an online forum to your Wix website, you can increase user engagement and watch as your online community grows. Like all other features in the Wix website builder, setting up your forum is easy and straightforward.

How do you create a review on Facebook?

After creating a new post, scroll down, and you will find a Review Section. In review type, select the type of review you want to implement. You can choose from star, point, percentage and circle. In the above post, we have chosen “Star.” As soon as you choose a “Review Type,” you will be followed by more options.