Is s18 an either way offence?

Is s18 an either way offence?

It is a triable either way offence which means it can be heard at the Crown or Magistrates’ Court. However, the Magistrates’ Court may refer the case to the Crown Court if they feel the case is too serious or complex.

How much does it cost to send a text message?

SMS fees are pure profit for the cellular carriers. They’re basically free for carriers to send, but they can often cost ten cents or more per message. It costs more to send a text message on Earth than it does to transmit data from Mars.

Do you have to consent to receive text messages?

But in short, they can consent to receive your messages in a number of ways, such as: It’s important to note that you’re not allowed to require a user to opt in to your text program as a condition to purchase property, goods, or services. However you decide to get consent, you should have a clear call-to-action associated with your opt-in method.

Do you have to pay for unlimited text messages?

Even though unlimited texting has become more common, some users may have to pay a small fee to receive text messages. The wireless carriers require you to inform your subscribers that these charges may be incurred if they sign up to your program. List all the terms and conditions in full beneath the CTA, or provide a link nearby.

Can a 21 year old send a text message?

If, for example, you operate a bar you may still be able to send messages about happy hour specials. However, it is crucial that you operate on a dedicated toll-free number and have an age gate preventing under the age of 21 from signing up for your texts.

Why do I get charged when I receive a Text Me?

IF you have a a Data plan that gives you access to the Internet, that’s what iMessage uses to send messages that are not SMS. If you send an SMS it will be sent using your text message rate. iMessages are sent to people with iPhones that have set up iMessage, and you use their iMessage number or address as the recipient of your message.

Seems reasonable. If that is the case (and assuming AT still plans to make money on their 2 GB plan), they are openly admitting that their cost to transmit a text message is less than $0.0000016. Let’s go back to Verizon. Assuming they have a similar cost structure to AT, their net cost to deliver your 5000 monthly texts is just $0.008, total.

Is there a way to receive text messages for free?

That will send and receive text messages using only the internet. You can also use email to send text messages. You would need to know each person’s carrier but it’s really easy to setup, and it’s free. Likewise, they can send you text messages the same exact way so it doesn’t cost them anything.

How many text messages are sent in a month?

Text Message Industry. A well-deserved kudos to the cell phone industry for turning SMS messages into an amazingly profitable business. Worldwide, there are 2.4 billion texters sending approx. 550 billion texts per month.