Tips on setting up a mobile office.

The thought of setting up a mobile office is often exciting and intriguing for employees. Whilst some will have room for an office in their home, others will have to explore the option of mobile office trailers or renting a small office space with other local business owners. Regardless of where it may be, employees quite often like a mobile office as most people will like to be able to operate from the comfort of their domain without the constant pressure from bosses, colleagues, or the continuous noise coming from the printers.

There are various reasons why one might want to ply this route, but whatever the reasons, one should understand that setting up a mobile business is not for everyone. There are so many factors and hurdles, inherent in the proper implementation and execution of a mobile office. Even if one succeeds in setting up an entire mobile office successfully, it is still vital to ask one’s self if their personality traits are suitable for operating this kind of office.

This article is going to try and expound on some common pitfalls that a person wishing to set up a project like that may encounter.

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Basic equipment:

Tools or equipment are the first things one needs to consider. A lot of the type and specifications of the equipment required for this kind of operation is mostly dependent on the job description or the sort of specialty this office will be handling. However, for the most basic equipment, a computer is the first thing that comes to mind.

It can be a stationary computer or a mobile computer like a laptop, but a desktop computer will defile the word “mobile,” as the context of this article is about an office that can easily be transported or moved without much hassle. Now depending on the kind of work description the mobile office is going to be used for… one can choose between a laptop or tablet. That is, if what one is going to be doing will involve just viewing files and reviewing stuff online, then a tablet will be a viable option. If the job description involves merely viewing files and simple online research, a tablet will suffice.

But on the other hand, if one is going to be editing, preparing slides for a presentation or doing work that involves a lot of input and writing, then it is apparent that a laptop will be a more rational choice.

Other devices one needs to consider are printers, photocopiers , scanners, a VoIP landline number, a fax machine – the heavy equipment.

It will be better to buy a compact three-in-one printer that has an in-built scanner and photocopier to reduce start-up costs and to save space.

Another way of saving on cost is to use an online free fax number provider that also allows you to receive a fax online free of charge, instead of spending money on a new fax machine. This also saves a lot of paper.


In this current dispensation, the importance of the internet cannot be stated enough, because it is what makes a business global. Therefore it is vital that when choosing a network provider, one should strive to go for a good one. More so it will be advisable to go for a wifi broadband router rather than a USB modem or a mobile hotspot.

By using a router, one will, by a large extent checkmate the issue of network fluctuations and even failure in some cases, which might spell doom for the business owner.


The storage unit one chooses to employ is very crucial, as the whole point is to create an office that can be easy to move. Bearing that in mind, one should opt for cloud services where all the data are stored and backed up online. Cloud services not only curtails the space used but also helps in synchronizing one’s devices, thereby making it easy for one to access information from anywhere with any internet enabled device.

Another advantage of online cloud storage is that it’s a perfect fit for anyone who wants to operate a paperless office. A paperless office is not only tidy but also eliminates a lot of trash and reduces the need for a shredder.


Any person who wants to set up a mobile office should research properly to avoid costly mistakes. It’s important to think small, neat and minimalistic. Less paper, less clutter and more mobility will give one the freedom we can all only hope for in a busy corporate office.