What happens if passport is denied?

What happens if passport is denied?

The government fees will not be returned to you if the passport is denied. The typical time to receive a passport through the post office is now 6-8 weeks if you use routine processing. However, if there are any mistakes with your application, your passport can be denied or suspended and held up indefinitely.

What are the reason for passport rejection?

If the submitted copies are not legible or obscure the information or are difficult to discern, the chances of the passport being rejected is high. Fee not paid: Passport applications have an obligatory processing fee. If the applicant is unable to pay the fee within the given time, the application can be rejected.

What happens if police verification failed for passport?

In case of failed passport police verification, the applicant is advised to contact the Regional Passport Office(RPO) along with his/her passport reference file number and request a re-verification.

Can you get turned down for a passport?

Certain court orders, being convicted of a felony, or if you’re wanted on an arrest warrant, can also result in a passport denial. As you can see there are many reasons why the U.S. Department of State can deny your application or passport renewal.

How do I cancel my passport and get a new one?

  1. You have to visit Passport India portal and follow the steps to cancel or reschedule passport appointment date:
  2. Go to Saved/Submitted Applications screen and click on Schedule Appointment link.
  3. Click the Reschedule Appointment/Cancel Appointment button.

What happens if your passport photo gets rejected?

If the photo has failed the automatic check, you must reject the photo. If the photo has failed the automatic check, you, the examiner, must accept the photo if there is no visible distortion or glare. Customers must send photos taken in the last month.

What to do if my passport Ultra is not detected?

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What to do if your passport status says not available?

If your passport status update says “Not Available,” your application and supporting documents are safely on their way to us. Our call center is experiencing extremely high call volumes with longer-than-usual wait times. You can check your status online using our Online Passport Status System .

What should I do if I cannot eject my passport?

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