What happens when one partner wants to sell and the other doesn t?

What happens when one partner wants to sell and the other doesn t?

If you want to sell the house and your co-owner doesn’t, you can sell your share. Your co-owner probably won’t like this option, however, unless they know and feel comfortable with their new co-owner. Co-owners usually have the right to sell their share of the property, but this right is suspended for the marital home.

Can a former spouse force me to sell my house?

The property is now worth £200,000 and is mortgage free. My former husband has told me that if I do not agree to sell the property and give him half of the proceeds of the sale then he will issue an application to the court. Can he do this?

Can a husband put a house up for sale without my consent?

As Izzy said firstly make sure you have marital rights registered with the land agency and he has absolutely no right to market or sell the house without your consent as you are married. Although as a PP stated sometimes non-available houses are marketed so it may be the case that the Uncle has asked to use yours?

Can a person who is married to the mortgage sell the House?

Starks does not advocate remaining married to the mortgage. If one person can’t refinance the mortgage, then sell the property. You are paying a lawyer to be smart for you, but some lawyers and even judges think that if you sign off on the title then you are signing off on the mortgage.

What to do if your house is put up for sale without your knowledge?

Doesn’t actually matter if you are not named on the deeds. The home is a marital asset so you actually have 50% of it. You need to see a solicitor and apply for a marital home rights notice through the land registry. This will stop any unknown sale or remortgage/loans against the property taken out.

Can a husband sell a house without his wife?

Spouses commonly sell their homes together, but certain situations may render a wife unable or unwilling to participate in the sale process. Whether the husband can sell the home on his own depends primarily on state law, how the spouses hold the title and the existence of a written agreement for the disposition of the house.

What happens if your house is not selling?

Bottom line is… the longer a listing sits, the more the sale price can potentially fall below list price. So every day that your home isn’t selling, it is, statistically, going to sell for less. Here are 7 likely reasons your home isn’t selling, along with our agent-approved advice for how to fix the issues.

When does a spouse have to sell the House?

Brette’s Answer: Generally, the only way a spouse can be required to sell the home is if the judge orders him to, and even if the court decided the home needed to be sold, the person wouldn’t have to accept any offer.

Do you have to sell your home during divorce?

Going through a divorce brings on extreme emotions, and having to deal with selling a home is one of the last things you’d want.