What is amended plat?

What is amended plat?

OVERVIEW An Amended Final Plat (AFP) is used primarily, but not exclusively, to (1) combine two or more. platted lots in the same filing of the same subdivision with the same zoning and ownership; or (2) relocate the boundary line between 2 or more platted lots in the same filing of the same.

How accurate is a plat map?

Are plat maps accurate? Plat maps are accurate enough to determine who the legal property owner is. They are great for general use for a large tract of land but not accurate representations of individual lots.

Can GIS maps be wrong?

The answer is, of course, a map that would be impractical to correct at a later date. Very few GIS maps exist today that were done using accurate land survey from the beginning. Since curved property lines are represented in a GIS system by a series of miniscule lines, it could be possible for the data to be corrected.

What is a re plat?

A replat is a legal survey document that is recorded with the Cass County Recorder when changes need to be made to a portion or all of a recorded plat. A replat typically allows for an adjustment of lot lines or the addition of land to a lot.

Are the property lines on Google Maps accurate?

No. google maps are not accurate when it comes to property lines.

Are all GIS data accurate?

In GIS data, accuracy can be referred to a geographic position, but it can be referred also to attribute, or conceptual accuracy. Precision refers how exact is the description of data. Precise data may be inaccurate, because it may be exactly described but inaccurately gathered.

What does a plat of survey show?

A plat map, also known as a “plat,” shows you how a tract of land is divided into lots in your county. It is drawn to scale and records the land’s size, boundary locations, nearby streets, flood zones, and any easements or rights of way.

What happens to the coordinates when a plate moves?

The effect of not tying coordinates to one plate is that surveyed positions, and the maps built upon them, change over time. In contrast, NAD 83 sits atop the North American plate like a fishnet laid out on the deck of a boat. As the plate moves, so does the datum. Other regions of the world likewise have their own local datums.

Why does Google Maps use two different datums?

Errors also sneak in because the latitude and longitude grid (or “datum”) is not god-given, but has to be pegged to a model of the planet’s shape. This is where plate tectonics can make itself felt. Confusingly, the U.S. uses two separate datums. Most maps are based on NAD 83, developed by NGS.

What happens when tectonic plates move around the world?

The tradeoff for keeping surveyors happy is that the North American latitude and longitude grid is increasingly out of sync with the rest of the world (as shown in the diagram at left, in which you can see how the North American plate is rotating about a point in the Yucat?n).

Why does Google Maps have so much uncertainty?

Consumer GPS units have a position uncertainty of several meters or more (represented by a circle in Google Maps). Less well known is that maps and satellite images are typically misaligned by a comparable amount. “It’s partly the GPS hardware that limits the accuracy, and part of it may also be the quality of the georeferencing,” Hudnut says.

Where can I find a plat map for my property?

Within the map, view the property lines for each parcel, in addition to the parcel number, acreage, and owner name. Plat maps with property lines are available on AcreValue in 44,795,971 counties across the U.S.

What’s the best way to update a plat map?

PlatWidget’s admin console keeps things simple. Work with lots from a searchable list or directly from your map. Update and share information anytime from your phone, tablet or desktop. PlatWidget takes the work out of fitting your map into an existing webpage.

What do you call an interactive plat map?

Whether you call them lot maps, site maps or plat maps, PlatWidget goes beyond typical interactive plat map software by providing tools that help you efficiently manage, market and track available lots and homes across your communities.

How does platwidget make your map look better?

PlatWidget takes the work out of fitting your map into an existing webpage. It adapts automatically to its environment leaving you with a great looking map on any device. Learn more…