What is ComplaintsBoard?

What is ComplaintsBoard?

How is ComplaintsBoard Organized? ComplaintsBoard.com is one of the most comprehensive online review and complaint sites on the Internet, sorting complaints by category, offering consumer tips and trick articles, and allowing users to create common interest and complaint groups.

Is ComplaintsBoard com legit?

Most of the reviews on complaintsboard.com are indeed legit. However, a lot of scammers increasingly use the site to extract money from businesess.

How do I cancel a complaints board complaint?

So let’s start.

  1. What is ComplaintsBoard.com.
  2. Why complain in complain board is dangerous for any business.
  3. Ask the user to withdraw the negative post.
  4. Contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove the offending information.
  5. Ask your legal representative about your legal rights in this matter.

How do I delete a complaint board account?

You cannot delete your account yourself, and there’s not much info to be found on the subject. Worth a complaint! Ask them to do it manually for you. Use the webform found here: http://www.complaintsboard.com/sendmail/cn0.html and include your email address used for signing up in the writing.

How do I delete a complaint from ConsumerComplaints?

If ConsumerComplaints.in is instructed to remove and delete a posted message by a court, then the message will be removed and deleted.

What is ConsumerComplaints?

ConsumerComplaints.in is a free site for all visitors, including consumers and businesses. ConsumerComplaints.in is not responsible, in any way, for providing, or helping to provide, businesses’ responses to the consumer complaints that are posted on the ConsumerComplaints.in site, and /or forwarded to businesses.

How do you remove bad feedback from MouthShut?

Since MouthShut users have the ability to delete their listings, the first step is to do is just to contact an originator of the post. User will able to change review and delete them. Ask to legal representative about your rights in this matter.

Are there any fake reviews on ComplaintsBoard.com?

The website allows fake reviews. The website which is suppose to take reviews about other business is actually fake it self. It allows fake reviews to be posted against any business on there website without verifying reviewers profile or requesting evidence of the reviewer ever have used services. Your issue has been investigated and resolved.

Is there a lawsuit against complaints board.com?

PS: By The Way, Complaintsboard.com Also Has A Very Bad Habit Of Copying And Stealing Reviews From Other Complaint Websites And Apparently A Public Lawsuit Has Already Been Filed Against Them! I Will Not Say Which Website Sued Them, But ComplaintsBoard.com Knows Who It Is! Hint!

Which is the best website for posting complaints?


Can a website host be sued for defamation?

But, for better or for worse, a federal law called the Communications Decency Act has specifically exempted website hosts and ISPs from most defamation claims. Let’s look at a couple of examples of the kinds of communications that might amount to online defamation.