What is mean deviation on visual field?

What is mean deviation on visual field?

The mean deviation (MD) of the visual field is a statistical index used to determine the average difference in visual field sensitivity compared to the mean sensitivity of a normal observer of the same age. MD has also been used to monitor overall visual field change over time.

What do numbers mean on Humphrey visual field?

The dBs tested by the Humphrey analyzer range between 0 and 50 dB (0 is the brightest and 50 is the dimmest). A value of 0 means the patient could not see the brightest target, and a 50 means the dimmest target was seen.

What is total deviation in visual field test?

The mean deviation or mean defect (MD) gives an overall value of the total amount of visual field loss, with normal values typically within 0dB to -2dB. The MD value becomes more negative as the overall field worsens—a common example is when a cataract progresses.

How do you treat peripheral vision loss?

There is no cure or treatment for this condition, but your doctor may recommend assistive devices as your vision gets worse, or taking vitamin A to slow the loss of vision.

Can you drive with loss of peripheral vision?

Be aware that peripheral vision loss will also affect your ability to drive safely. This may prevent you from being able to keep, renew or obtain a driver’s license — even if you can still see 20/20 on an eye chart.

What is the Mean Deviation on the Humphrey visual field test?

This criteria, which is equivalent to complete loss of peripheral visual field when there is normal vision within the central 20° of visual field, represents a ‘Mean Deviation (MD)’ of approximately 22 dB on a Humphrey visual field test.

What should the MD be on a Humphrey field analyzer?

For acceptable tests performed on a Humphrey Field Analyzer, an MD equal to or greater than -5 dB (for example, -4.39, -2.58, or 0) indicates that the visual field is normal. An MD less than -5 dB (for example, -5.5, -8.85, or -11.18) indicates the individual has visual field loss.

How do you interpret a 24-2 Humphrey visual field printout?

The date and time is noted as well as the patient’s age. Testing points for the HVF are compared with age-matched controls in clusters of 10 years. For this reason, a patient who is 69 years old is compared to patients between 60 and 69 years of age.

Where is the Humphrey field test in Greenville SC?

Ste 208 Greenville, SC 29615 (864) 254-6070 Humphrey Visual Field Test Visual field testing is one of many methods used to diagnose and monitor glaucoma progression.