What kind of neighbor would pound on your front door?

What kind of neighbor would pound on your front door?

He would pound on our door in uncontrollable rage wearing various super tight spandex outfits or underwear when he heard footsteps or as he claimed, “pounding high heels” on the hardwood floors. Occasionally, his mother would accompany him to our front door to scream at her son while he screamed at us for making some sort of feather-dropping noise.

Who are the Bad Neighbors in your neighborhood?

So a bad neighbor is anyone who lives next door (or next floor) and gets on your nerves regularly by doing something that’s not particularly illegal but exceptionally annoying. If it becomes uncomfortable for you to stay at home, chances are good it’s a bad neighbor to blame.

Can a neighbor Park in front of Your House?

That said, you cannot claim the spot in front of your house as your parking area. You can’t put up signs to discourage your neighbor from parking there, and you certainly can’t report it to the authorities and expect an immediate resolution.

What to do if your neighbor is a psycho?

If you’re sure the person next door is involved in illegal business or is a psycho whose behavior might pose a threat to your health, report the problem to police and move out from your current place of residence as fast as possible. In some cases, neighbors might be the real nightmare next door.

Is it against the law to harass a neighbor?

Neighbor harassment might cause emotional distress. In most cases the offender’s intent is also essential. If the harm that’s caused isn’t intentional, the law won’t usually consider it to be true harassment.

Can a group home be zoned out of the neighborhood?

The group home described in our second example – the home for troubled teenage girls – illustrates the limits of the protection offered by the state law. To be treated as the equivalent of a single family residence for zoning purposes, the group home must serve persons with a disability.

Can a court order a neighbor to stop?

The court can order the neighbor to stop taking whatever action that is causing the water damage. It can also order the court to take certain action that will prevent the runoff or minimize it. Landowners who have been adversely affected by the actions of neighbors may be able to pursue damages that they have sustained with the help of a lawyer.