What makes an you haul moving truck special?

What makes an you haul moving truck special?

U-Haul trucks are specially engineered from the ground up to move families, not freight. Only U-Haul trucks have rub-rails on all three walls of the box on all of our trucks allowing you to tie your furniture in to prevent it from shifting.

How long have you been in the U-haul service?

Interacting with customers first hand, our customer service representitives help people on a daily basis to provide a first class U-Haul experience. I was in the service for six years; I did six years active duty and two years of reserves. I took a year off and started applying for jobs. I’m glad I’m working for U-Haul. I’m really big on teamwork.

Who are the it team members at U-Haul?

No idea is too small, and no endeavor too big on U-Haul’s Information Technology teams. As an industry leader, our IT team members help deliver world class moving solutions. Customers are our top priority at U-Haul. Join our team experts in helping customers through chat, email, or on the phone.

How does U-Haul contribute to the community?

Through volunteer opportunities for our employees to in-kind donations of equipment, products, and services. U-Haul is committed to helping the communities in which we do business in.

What do you need to know about U-Haul trailer reservation?

When you plan a moving day, you might feel more certain reserving a vehicle with a company with a guarantee like U-Haul’s: “When you make a truck or trailer reservation, we guarantee to provide you with the equipment size, location and pick up time, as agreed.

Do you have to return a U-Haul when you pick it up?

If you have an In-Town Rental contract, this must be returned to the location you picked it up from. All One Way contracts will include a return location address, or a phone number to arrange a drop-off location.

What was the settlement in the you haul case?

In that 2008 case, the complaint says, the judge found that it was a fraudulent business practice to call reservations “confirmed” and then not have the equipment. Under the settlement agreement in that case, the complaint says, U-Haul was required to “contact customers the day before their move to schedule the pickup time and location.

Is there a class period for you haul?

The class period has not yet been exactly defined. According to the complaint, customers who reserved with U-Haul sometimes received confirmation that they had a reservation, then found that they had to wait hours or days or travel a long distance to pick it up.