What should I do if my Neighbor has a tree over my fence?

What should I do if my Neighbor has a tree over my fence?

You also have the right to expect that any maintenance he does on his side of the fence does not damage or ultimately destroy the tree. If you know that you have a tree that overhangs a neighbor’s property, approach your neighbor to discuss the matter. Offer to trim the tree branches so they don’t become a nuisance to him.

Why does my Neighbor keep damaging my fence?

The damage could have been accidental, or they just might not have given it any thought. If the fence is on or near the property line, for example, the neighbor might have assumed that he had the right to use the fence as he or she saw fit.

Can a neighbor damage a tree on your property?

Unsound trees that threaten a neighboring property are not under the same legal protection as healthy trees. In some circumstances, for example, if a dead tree is about to fall, a neighbor can even enter an owner’s property to prevent any harm. Can a tree owner recover for actual losses caused by tree damage?

Can a neighbor trim back an overhanging tree?

Even though your neighbor has a right to trim back all branches that extend onto his property so that they’re even with the property line, he does not have a right to come onto your property to do so unless you give him permission.

What happens if your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence?

If unfortunately your neighbor’s tree has fallen on your fence, it can lead to a high drama situation. However, knowing how to handle it will make this potentially stressful occurrence get resolved smoothly.

What to do if your neighbor has a tree on your property?

Sometimes a tree on one person’s property has roots that extend so far that they damage a fence on the adjacent property. If that has happened, your neighbor could be required to remove the tree.

What should I do if my Neighbor destroys my fence?

If the fence belongs totally to you, your neighbor is in even deeper trouble. He is single-handedly ruining your property First, do nothing on your side of the fence to make matters worse.

Who is responsible when tree falls on neighbor’s garage?

Who is responsible, when your tree, or a branch from your tree, falls on your neighbor’s garage or fence or shed and causes serious damage? Trees that might have started out small and manageable have a natural tendency to grow and mature so that, in time, branches overhang a property line.

Can a tree be planted on a property line?

“Trees on property lines are a common complaint between neighbors, but not so much at the courthouse,” says Cleve Clinton, partner at Gray Reed, Attorneys and Counselors, based in Dallas and Houston. “It is predictably difficult to justify paying attorney’s fees over a tree — on either side.

Can a tree be destroyed on a property line?

It is considered the common property of both homeowners, and neither owner can damage or destroy the tree without the neighbor’s consent to do so. You are allowed to maintain your property not only to the lot line but also under the ground and the sky above it.

Who is the owner of the tree in your yard?

Tree Ownership. No matter where the branches hang, the tree owner is the person in whose yard the tree trunk resides. A tree on your side of the property line is yours, while a tree on the opposite side of the line belongs to your neighbor. When the tree is planted directly on the boundary between two properties,…