What units were in the Vietnam War?

What units were in the Vietnam War?

Infantry Divisions

  • 1st Infantry Division.
  • 4th Infantry Division.
  • 5th Infantry Division.
  • 9th Infantry Division.
  • 23rd Infantry Division.
  • 25th Infantry Division.

    What unit saw the most action in Vietnam?

    173rd Infantry Brigade
    Activated in 1915, as the 173rd Infantry Brigade, the unit saw service in World War II but is best known for its actions during the Vietnam War.

    What kind of units did the US have in Vietnam?

    Unit types include infantry, artillery, armor, cavalry, aviation, military police, engineers, signal transportation, supply and service, and quartermaster. Also within RG 472 are the records of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) and the United States Army, Vietnam (USARV).

    Where to find people who served in Vietnam?

    If the Internet has not helped you to find the person you are looking for, visit the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The center holds information and details for any military personnel who were discharged from the armed services or who have died since World War I.

    Where can I find the records of the Vietnam War?

    The most heavily used record group is: RG 472 United States Forces in Southeast Asia, 1950-1975 Additional records relating to the U.S. Army in Vietnam may be found in: RG 112 Office of the Surgeon General

    Where can I find list of Vietnam Veterans?

    Go to the Vietnam Veteran’s Information and Search Aids website. This site offers the most comprehensive and extended list of links, numbers and addresses for various Vietnam era U.S. military units, organizations and reunions.

    What Marine units were in Vietnam?

    The 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, were the first Marines to be sent to Vietnam in March 1965 to protect the Da Nang Air Base .

    What military unit was the most decorated unit in Vietnam?

    This new three-part documentary series is the story of the Australian Army Training Team (Vietnam) who, from 1962 to 1972, fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the Vietnamese army and became the most decorated unit of the Vietnam War.

    How many US Marines served in Vietnam?

    The Vietnam War was costly to the U.S. Marine Corps. From 1965 to 1975, nearly 500,000 Marines served in Southeast Asia. Of these, more than 13,000 were killed and 88,000 wounded, nearly a third of all American causalities sustained during the war. Source: United States Marine Corps History Division

    What unit was the first combat unit in Vietnam?

    The first U.S. infantry combat units arrived in Vietnam in May 1965. They were the 1st and 2nd Battalions, 503rd Infantry, elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, previously stationed on Okinawa.