What was the cremation process in the G R Hya period?

What was the cremation process in the G R Hya period?

The cremation process during the G r hya period may be summarized as follows: As soon as the person died a cremation pit called a smasana was dug. The pit was made in a fertile place inclined towards the south. All hair, including head and facial hair, was removed from the body. A funeral procession of four parts was organized.

Who is responsible for the cremation of a Hindu?

At the cremation, however, it’s typically the eldest son who presides, with the priest overseeing the activities, though different Hindu groups may follow different Hindu funeral rites. Here in the United States, cremation must be performed by licensed crematories.

How are the Pitrs invited to the cremation ceremony?

The body was dressed in new garments before cremation. Grains and sesame seeds were scattered along side the body before cremation. The pitrs were ritually invoked to attend the ceremony and invited to sit on the southern side of the fire. Streams of ghee along with prayers were offered to the pitrs during the cremation.

How are sons and daughters divided after death?

Therefore share of A’s son in A’s house upon A’s death shall be one-half while the share of each widow of A shall be one-fourth. Similarly if in the above example A is survived by three widows and three sons, the house of A upon A’s death shall be divided in four equal parts.

When does your father dies, these words come to mind?

For anyone whose father has died, finishing the sentence is apt to be easier than reciting the alphabet. “When your father dies” is the opening phrase of one of my favorite poems, “Shifting the Sun,” and it came to mind recently after a colleague’s father died, just before Father’s Day.

What happens to your mother when your father dies?

When your father dies, you will worry about your mother, who, you are likely to learn, is more resilient than you gave her credit for. This assumes she’s the one left behind, as mothers so often are. And when your father’s gone, you’ll see your mother from a different angle.

What did I do on the day my father died?

We had the conversations we wanted to have, and the day he died, I was there to kiss his cheeks and massage his forehead, to hold his hand and say goodbye. I was at his bedside when he took his last breath. And yet, nothing prepared me for this loss. Can you help me understand my grief?

How long did it take for my father to die?

Five days before he died, I developed a cough that would wake me from sleep. I didn’t have the other symptoms of COVID-19—fever, fatigue—but still, I thought: I’d better not go near Dad. I spoke with him every day, as usual, except for Saturday, when time got away from me.