Whats prodded mean?

Whats prodded mean?

1 : to poke with something He prodded the dog with his foot. 2 : to stir or encourage a person or animal to action She was prodded into joining the team. prod.

What does Penultima mean?

1 : next to the last the penultimate chapter of a book. 2 : of or relating to the next to the last syllable of a word a penultimate accent.

What is the synonym of prodding?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prodding, like: encouraging, spurring, urging, inciting, digging, prompting, goad, goading, prod, spur and poking.

What does prod mean slang?

Prod. / (prɒd) / noun. derogatory, slang another word for Protestant.

What does prodded mean in a sentence?

verb (used with object), prod·ded, prod·ding. to poke or jab with or as if with something pointed: I prodded him with my elbow. to rouse or incite as if by poking; nag; goad.

Is quizzically a word?

quizzically Add to list Share. When you do something quizzically, you do it in a questioning way. For example, if you look quizzically at your friend’s strange hat, you’re conveying the idea that you wonder where it came from and why she’s wearing it.

What is another word for second best?


  • crummy.
  • inferior.
  • below par.
  • cheap.
  • deficient.
  • inadequate.
  • poor.
  • rotten.

What’s another word for second to last?

But penultimate means “next to last” or “second to last.” It’s probably because it adds an emphatic extra syllable to the word ultimate that people think it somehow means “more” than ultimate—but it really means less.

What’s the difference between a poke and a prod?

If you jab someone with your finger, you are poking them. Prodding can be more gentle. It could be pushing someone with your whole hand instead of just your finger.

What is the opposite of prodded?

Opposite of past tense for to poke with a finger, foot, or pointed object. discouraged. dissuaded. pulled. repressed.

What is a prod religion?

(Ireland, Britain, slang, sometimes derogatory) A Protestant, (as termed by Roman Catholics), that is in the context of their religious beliefs, or those who have been born in the Protestant tradition, or sometimes those implied to be Protestant by their political ideology of Irish unionism or Ulster loyalism.

What is a trod?

A Trod in the west of England is a straight line or fairy path in the grass of a field with a different shade of green from the rest. Great danger was associated with using these paths when a supernatural procession was using them.

Who are the A96 Action Group in Inverurie?

The A96 Action Group is comprised of local residents, farmers and business owners who are deeply concerned and opposed to Transport Scotland’s proposed Violet A96 routes north of Inverurie.

Is the A96 to be dualled with the b9001?

We know the existing A96 can and should be dualled with the addition of a new junction near Drimmies and a northern link road to the B9001. This will relieve Inverurie congestion, provide linkage to communities to the north and can be done without demolition

Is the A96 Violet route good for Inverurie?

While the A96 Action Group supports A96 measures that improve road safety, address peak time congestion in and around Inverurie, and improve journey times, it opposes the possible selection of the violet route on the grounds of cost, environmental protection and failure to follow process.