Where can I find a discharge certificate for the US Army?

Where can I find a discharge certificate for the US Army?

NARA microfilm publication M1856, Discharge Certificates and Miscellaneous Records Relating to the Discharge of Soldiers from the Regular Army, 1792-1815 (6 rolls) reproduces discharge certificates and miscellaneous other records relating to the discharge of soldiers from the Regular Army, 1792-1815.

What does it say on a discharge certificate?

The Certificate of Discharge unambiguously states that the soldier was discharged from service on a particular day and may indicate the reason for discharge.

What was the discharge certificate for the war of 1812?

War of 1812 Discharge Certificates. An act of January 29, 1813 (2 Stat. 794-797), authorized enlargement of the army to 52 regiments of cavalry, artillery, dragoons, and infantry. In addition to these troops, volunteer regiments and state militia also took part in the conflict.

What was the discharge certificate in the 19th century?

In the 19th century, soldiers discharged from the Regular or Volunteer armies received a discharge certificate that became their personal property; the War Department generally did not retain a copy for its own records. If the soldier was owed pay upon his discharge, the soldier presented the discharge to the paymaster in order to collect the pay.

When do you get an honorable discharge from the military?

1. Honorable Discharge Almost all enlisted receive an honorable discharge once their service ends. This means your met the standards of conduct and performance while enlisted and that your service was meritorious so as to receive a medal for bravery or valor.

Can a soldier get a punitive discharge from the military?

It is not honorable or general. It can be granted by a commander for members who were in the military for less than 180 days. In other words it is for those who tried but could not make it during basic training and immediately after. Punitive Discharges. A punitive discharge can only be imposed by a court-martial.

What happens if a service member is discharged for misconduct?

If discharged administratively for any of the above reasons, the service member normally receives an honorable or a general (under honorable conditions) discharge. If misconduct is involved the service member may receive an Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge service characterization.

What happens when a veteran is discharged from the military?

The military discharge a veteran gets does not necessarily have to follow them around for life, thanks to an official military process known as the Discharge Review Board (DRB). The act of getting a military discharge changed is sometimes known as a discharge upgrade, and all veterans have the right to apply for such an upgrade.