Who are the owners of the nursing website?

Who are the owners of the nursing website?

Ownership: AACN.org is the website of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, a specialty nursing organization representing the interests of nurses who care for acute and critically ill patients. AACN.org provides a litany of information relevant to critical care nurses and the organization in general.

What kind of website is allnurses.com?

AllNurses.com is a forum website. Like other forum websites, registered users are able to create new topics and engage in conversations on those topics. Users can create unique user names that allow them to maintain their anonymity, or they can use their real names.

Are there any nursing websites in the UK?

However, there are obviously many similarities between nursing in the UK and nursing in America. As a result, the website is quite popular with American nurses as well. The site provides articles on nursing care delivery, health related issues, opinion pieces, book reviews and much more. Ownership: As far as we can tell]

How to sign up to practicenursing.co.uk?

Simple to sign up with just an email, username and password Full read and write access to private forums (including the Nurses Only Forum if you enter your NMC details) Weekly email of all local jobs in your area (if you sign up to alerts)

Who is on the Board of Registered Nursing?

The Board of Registered Nursing would like to notify you that the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Health and Human Services have credible information of an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers.

Is there a career support site for nurses?

allnurses is a Career Support and News Site for nurses and students. Our members, staff, and writers represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties.

Who are the members of the Managed Care Nursing Association?

Our members range from nurses aspiring to understand their role within managed care nursing to nurses who have been working within the industry for years. We provide you with the education and resources you need to stay current. AAMCN’s official journal for the business and clinical sides of managed care nursing.

How can I verify my nurse’s license online?

Nurses can verify their licenses by completing the Nursys verification process for $30 per license type, per each board of nursing where the nurse is applying. The nurse’s license verification is available immediately to the endorsing board of nursing. NCSBN members utilize Nursys via nursys.org to: