Who owns NHBC?

Who owns NHBC?

NHBC is a private company limited by guarantee, and its governing body comprises individual members, known collectively as the NHBC Council. Council members are drawn from a range of organisations that are interested in, or associated with, the house-building industry.

Who is the CEO of NHBC?

Steve Wood (Jun 30, 2017–)
National House Building Council/CEO

How many employees does NHBC have?

National House Building Council

Type Supporting the house-building industry in improving the build quality of new homes for homebuyers, whilst providing warranty protection to consumers when required. Non profit distributing.
Number of employees 1,300+ staff; including 700 inspectors, and 80 Members of the Council

Why are there so many complaints about new build houses?

The Homeowners Alliance says they have seen an increase in the number of people approaching them for help over the last two years because of serious defects with their new-build homes.

When did they start building new houses in England?

Added House building: new build dwellings, England: January to March 2019. Added House building: new build dwellings, England: October to December 2018. Added ‘House building: new build dwellings, England: April to June 2018’.

How many people are happy with new build houses?

Research from the organisation, which represents the interests of homeowners to the house building industry, suggest that only two-thirds of new homeowners are happy with the way their builder resolved any defects with their home. And even the developers themselves acknowledge the problem.

When did Clayton Homes become a public company?

History. In 1974, Clayton Homes established its own mortgage company, and added a manufacturing division in 1975. The company went public in 1983, trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Each year from 1989 through 1992, Clayton Homes was named on the Forbes list of the best small companies in America.