Why did my husband cheat on Me with another woman?

Why did my husband cheat on Me with another woman?

Because here’s yet another thing nobody tells you about infidelity: He didn’t cheat because there was something wrong with you, or even your marriage. He cheated because there was something wrong with him. And he thought he could find the answer in the fantasy of an affair.

Is it bad for a guy to cheat on a woman?

Most guys are a lot more insecure and do it just to feel better about themselves. They think it is extremely sad if you find out, and that you get hurt. There’s a rule of thumb when a woman is cheated on by her man. If you are insecure, cheating will make it worse.

What happens in the cheater phase after an affair?

In this phase the cheater may experience the following: Anger Resentment Blame Depression Easily shuts down during discussions and/or arguments Reminiscence Emotionally withdrawing/distancing Ambivalence Missing/longing for their affair partner. They feel they need to contact the AP.

What happens when you tell your ex husband that you cheated?

May God bless that your “ex” husband for handling that heart shattering news with such calmness, not all men can wait till you finish your sexcapdes without registering some thunderous blows on your face. The m0ron who fuucked you like a cheap slut has dump you like a piece of trash.

Why did I cheat on my husband with another woman?

I justified my infidelity because I fooled myself into thinking that my husband was really cheating on me with that other woman. A couple of weeks ago, my husband was out at a club with Matt. I don’t know the exact details but somehow, my husband went though his phone and found text messages from me as well as nude pictures.

Are there apps that cheaters use to hide their ways?

In fact, cheaters are now using an array of apps to hide their unfaithful ways – these are the ones to be wary of if you see them on your partner’s phone: If you were snooping on your partner’s phone looking for signs of cheating, would you ever bother opening the calculator? Exactly.

How can I get my husband back after cheating?

I apologized for cheating and lying but he acts like he doesn’t care. How could it be that he can just turn on a dime and walk out on us after 11 years of marriage. I’ve humbled myself and I would do absolutely anything to have him back.

How can I find out if my partner is cheating?

Back in the day, you might have been able to catch a cheating partner by snooping through their emails, texts or internet history. But today’s adulterers are far too tech-savvy to leave such obvious tracks.