Can a landlord prohibit smoking in an apartment?

Can a landlord prohibit smoking in an apartment?

Even if it is blowing from outside or down the hall, it is still secondhand smoke, and it still stinks. This is the “nuisance” factor that your landlord doesn’t want to have to deal with. Smokers are not a “protected class” of people.

Why does my Neighbor smoke in my apartment?

When actually, the small pores in the walls allow the particulates from smoking to stick to the walls, not travel through them. If you are one of those tenants unfortunate enough to live in an apartment that has holes in the walls, these can also be places where smoke is getting in from the outside.

How can I keep cigarette smoke out of my apartment?

The best way to keep cigarette smoke out of your apartment is to make sure that your door and windows all have good seals to them. This is the most common way secondhand smoke gets into adjacent apartments. Simple weather stripping can be extremely effective in keeping unwanted smells out of your apartment.

Can a landlord prohibit vaping in an apartment?

While vaping isn’t as harmful to the body as cigarette smoke is, and the secondhand smoke is exponentially less harmful than cigarette smoke, AND the damage to property is virtually non-existent, Vaping is still considered “smoking” and thus, the landlord can prohibit tenants from doing so.

Why are landlords not allowed to smoke in apartments?

In addition to the health risks associated with secondhand smoke, non-smoking tenants often complain of the smell, discoloration, and other nuisances associated with smoking in the building. These issues provide an incentive for many landlords, and even local governments, to create restrictions on smoking in multi-unit buildings.

How to prove a tenant is smoking inside your property?

Smoking indoors is not only dangerous, but it can damage the property. We wanted to share with you different ways you can prove a tenant is smoking indoors and what you as a landlord or property owner can do about it.

How is secondhand smoke a problem in apartments?

According to the American Lung Association, secondhand smoke can be a serious problem in multi-unit housing. Smoke can migrate from other units and common areas and travel through doorways, cracks in walls, electrical lines, plumbing, and ventilation systems, thus exposing non-smoking tenants to the harms of secondhand smoke.

What should I do if my Neighbor smokes in my apartment?

It’s the landlord’s job to enforce both sides of this bargain. If the neighbor’s smoking makes your own apartment reek of cigarettes to a degree that seriously disturbs you on a daily basis, the smoking tenant is probably interfering with your right to quiet enjoyment.