Can my boyfriend borrow my car?

Can my boyfriend borrow my car?

As long as it is insured to cover a driver (of his age, with his type of drivers license), it is entirely a personal question. Lots of people let their friends borrow their car once in a while. It is only a problem if it becomes a problem, or if the insurance doesn’t cover him.

Why you should not lend your car?

Friends causing car accidents Suppose you lend the car to a friend, who causes an accident. Your liability insurance would pay to repair damage to the other vehicle and any medical bills, up to your policy limits. Once those limits are reached, your friend would be responsible for what’s left over.

What happens if you borrow a friend’s car?

If your friend doesn’t have auto insurance, don’t borrow their car! If you’re involved in an accident or if you’re stopped by the police for any reason, you’ll very likely get a ticket for driving an uninsured vehicle. Your premium could go up, even if you weren’t driving!

What happens if a father loans his son a car?

For example, let’s say that Bob, 55, loans his car to his adult son William, 25, because William’s car is in the shop. William gets into an accident that exceeds Bob’s $10,000 of coverage. Bob’s insurance would cover the first $10,000 of damage, then William’s insurance would start to pay for excess damages.

What should I know before lending my car to a friend?

Before you hand over your keys, take a few minutes to talk to your friend about how much liability coverage your policy includes and your deductible amount. And make sure you agree on who will pay the deductible if there’s an accident!

What happens if you lend your car to a dangerous driver?

Lending Your Car to a Dangerous Driver. If you lend your vehicle to an intoxicated or unlicensed driver, you could be held liable and sued for personal damages. These variables can interact in different ways, or one might override another.

What causes a head on collision in a car?

Causes of head-on collisions. Sometimes an accident is just that—an accident. It could happen for a mechanical reason like brake failure or a power steering outage. But usually, a head-on accident is caused when one driver is on the wrong side of the road.

When to get a settlement after a head on collision?

There is no fixed rule on when you can get your settlement check from your personal injury case such as in a head on collision. If you want to get a settlement after a car accident from an auto insurance company, you should work closely with a personal injury attorney to get the check as soon as possible.

What happens if someone borrows your car and causes an accident?

If someone borrows your car and causes an accident, your insurance will cover them, but they’ll be on the hook for any damage that exceeds your coverage limits. Your auto insurance is there to protect you from financial liability in case of a car accident — but what if the accident happens when you’re not driving your own car?

Who is liable for a head on collision?

The person who’s liable for an accident must pay damages to the injured person or the surviving family members. If you were injured or lost a family member in a head-on collision, the at-fault driver’s insurance company should pay your claim.