Can you send a friend request to someone who is already a friend on Facebook?

Can you send a friend request to someone who is already a friend on Facebook?

The important thing to understand about this situation is your account cannot send a friend request to someone who is already your friend. Sending duplicate friend requests wouldn’t serve any useful purpose, therefore Facebook doesn’t even give you the option of sending them.

How can I tell if a friend request is fake?

Identifying fake Facebook friend requests email. Often you can tell if an account is fake by looking at the profile. Some scammers have gotten particularly adept at disguising their profiles, but for the vast majority of cases, there will be clear warning signs:

Can a hacker send duplicate friend requests on Facebook?

What’s more, hackers can’t send duplicate friend requests either, even if they somehow manage to assume control of your account. In short, the “duplicate” friend requests your friends are receiving aren’t duplicates at all.

Can a person ask for a new public defender?

Yes. You have the right to ask for a new lawyer. But, the judge does not have to grant your request. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action. When the court appoints the Public Defender, they appoint the entire office, not just one attorney. It’s up to the public defender’s office to assign an attorney.

Can a court appointed public defender be fired?

Often, the stated reason is something like, “My attorney and I don’t see eye to eye about case strategy,” or, “My attorney won’t talk to me.” Judges rarely grant such requests, believing that most of them stem from frustration with the system rather than the reason actually stated by the defendant.

How do I Change my Public Defender’s name?

To change your public defender, you generally need to write a letter to the judge in your case or contact the public defender’s office, depending on the rules in your state.

Can a defendant refuse a court appointed Attorney?

Most indigent defendants must therefore either accept whatever lawyer the judge appoints or represent themselves if they are qualified to do so. The right to counsel of choice does not extend to defendants who require appointed attorneys (U.S. v. Gonzales-Lopez, U.S. Sup.