How can I transfer my house to my ex-spouse?

How can I transfer my house to my ex-spouse?

A written confirmation from your private lawyer that he or she is acting on your behalf for the transfer. If you or your ex-spouse is an undischarged bankrupt, written consent from the Official Assignee on the ownership change. If your ex-spouse is overseas, a valid HDB Power of Attorney.

Can you transfer your HDB flat to your ex spouse?

If your situation falls under one of the above, you may transfer your share in the HDB flat to your ex-spouse in order for him/her to retain it. If your situation does not fall under any of the above, you and your ex-spouse must sell your HDB flat in the open market.

What can I do if my ex wife refuses to move out?

Also, in my state, if you are forced to file a petition to enforce a court order and you have used the services of an attorney, you can request that your ex-wife be responsible for your attorney fees. It would be the judge’s discretion if counsel fees were awarded, but you are certainly entitled to ask for payment of your legal expenses.

Why do some spouses refuse to move out?

I’ve seen lots of very stubborn spouses. Some spouses, even when confronted with the notion that their marriage is over and that their spouse wants to leave will still refuse to do so. Perhaps they have not come to grips with the fact that the marriage is over. Perhaps they can’t afford to move out.

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Can a ex-spouse still own a house after a divorce?

No. Once the divorce is final and the home has been transferred to you by quitclaim deed, your ex-spouse is no longer an owner and has no right to enter the property other than by your invitation and consent.

How to transfer a matrimonial home in Singapore?

Pay stamp duty of the Deed of Gift for the market value of the private property. Prepare the relevant forms and file it at the Singapore Land Authority with the relevant title document. Lodge a Notice of Transfer with the Comptroller of Property Tax and MCST Board.

Can a family member take over your property in later life?

You might think that transferring ownership of your property to a family member may help you qualify for state-funded care in later life. However, there are complex rules to be aware of, and local authorities may take the value of your property into account even if you have transferred it to someone else.

What happens if I give half of my house to my Children?

Sharing a home If you give half of your home to your children, who then move in and share the bills, the half that you have given away won’t be treated as part of the estate for inheritance tax purposes – as long as you live for seven years after making the gift.

Can a man be forced to leave a home he owned before marriage?

Brette’s Reply: If it is a home you owned before marriage and is in your name alone, you are within your rights to ask him to leave. If the home is jointly owned, then you can’t force him to leave since he is an owner as well.

Can you still live in a house you bought before marriage?

It really depends on what else is happening. If the home is in his name and was purchased before the marriage, you may still be entitled to some of the equity if you helped keep it up or made the mortgage payments. You could also be given the right to live there by the court for a period of time. You really should talk to an attorney.

What happens when you live together but are not married?

This frequently happens when couples live together, but aren’t officially married yet. The issue is that when this “sliding” occurs, there is less initial commitment and willingness to stick it out when things get tough, which is essential to any marriage.

Can a man enter a marital home without a court order?

Brette: Without a court order giving you exclusive occupancy of the home, he is permitted to enter it if it is joint marital property. Write down what’s missing and present the list to the judge. You may be able to change the locks, but you really need to check with an attorney to determine if this is permissible in your state.