How do I file a small claims in NY?

How do I file a small claims in NY?

To begin an action in Small Claims Court, a person, or someone acting on his or her behalf, must come to the Small Claims Court Clerk’s office in the proper county and fill out a statement of claim. To find out where the clerk’s office is located in your county, click on Locations.

Where is small claims court in Rochester NY?

New York is home to 62 different counties, each with its own small claims court. The small claims court in Monroe County is in Rochester. Small claims differ from a standard civil lawsuit.

Where to file criminal charges in Monroe County NY?

Only felony convictions are filed in the Monroe County Clerk’s Office. It will be helpful in locating a criminal file if you know the index number and year of filing. Only the parties involved and/or their counsel may have access to any sealed records, otherwise a court order for unsealing is required.

How to contact City Court in Rochester NY?

This office will not contact you to request bail money. If you receive one of these calls, and have reason to believe that the information may be accurate, please feel free to contact our office regarding an upcoming case or warrant at (585) 371-3413.

Where is the Monroe County Clerk in Rochester located?

The County Clerk’s Office accepts cash, checks, Visa and Master Card. Mail-in Requests can be made in writing and mailed to the Monroe County Clerk’s Office (39 W. Main Street, Room 105, Rochester, New York, 14614) along with a check for the appropriate amount of money made payable to the Monroe County Clerk.

Where is the Hall of Justice in Rochester NY?

Rochester, NY 14614. The Hall of Justice is located across Exchange Street from the Blue Cross Arena. Underground parking is available in the Civic Center Parking Garage.

What is small claims court?

small claims court. n. a division of most municipal, city or other lowest local court which hears cases involving relatively small amounts of money and without a request for court orders like eviction. The highest (jurisdictional) amount to be considered in small claims court varies by state, but goes as high as $5,000 in California.

What is small claims form?

Small Claims Court Forms. Small claims courts, also called People’s Court, is a court of limited jurisdiction. Limited jurisdiction means only certain matters may be filed and heard by the small claims court. There is also a maximum claim amount limitation.