How do I find out who owns a property in WV?

How do I find out who owns a property in WV?

Our office does not provide ownership information of individual properties. To find that information, you need to contact the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office at [email protected] or (304) 728-3224.

What does the Cabell County Assessor do?

Cabell County Assessor. To identify, value and assess all taxable real and personal property. The assessor’s primary responsibility is to find the “fair market value” of property. Items that would not be considered in a fair market value would be sales for divorce, relatives, foreclosures or liquidations.

Can you pay property taxes online WV?

Pay or view your personal and/or real estate taxes online. Tax tickets that are paid online will show paid immediately. You may print a receipt by reentering the Pay Taxes portal and providing the email address and account number that was used when making payment.

How do I find out who owns property around me?

Find Property Owners Using Public Records

  1. County Tax Assessor Office.
  2. County Record/Clerk.
  3. Local Title Company.
  4. Mailing List Companies and Mailing List Brokers.
  5. Advanced Property Data and Owner Information Platform.

How is property assessed in WV?

Both real and personal property are appraised at their true and actual market value. However, taxpayers pay taxes on the assessed value of a property, which value is 60% of the appraised value. Then the assessed value is multiplied by the levy rate to determine the amount of tax to be remitted.

How do WV property taxes work?

West Virginia’s property taxes are based on the assessed value of a property and the total tax rate that applies to the property. Assessed value is based on, but not equal to, the true value of the property. Assessed value is equal to 60% of that appraised value.

Who is the county assessor in West Virginia?

In West Virginia the county assessor is responsible for maintaining the surface property tax maps. While this Viewer makes every effort to make the best available data accessible to the public, the office of the county assessor is always going to be the most accurate and up to date source for assessment information.

How does the WV Property Tax Division work?

The WV Property Tax Division annually creates a master surface tax parcel file from the GIS parcel files provided by the county assessors and the property attributes from the centralized Integrated Assessment System (IAS). Both the WV Property Tax Division and county assessors are co-custodians of the tax maps and GIS files.

How to contact the assessor of Kanawha County?

Welcome to the Kanawha County Assessor’s Office website. ***Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Assessor’s Office will be serving the public via email ([email protected]), Phone 304-357-0250, website, and limited customer interaction at the courthouse. Please see for general rules for entering the courthouse.

Which is the authoritative source for tax assessment in West Virginia?

The deeded acreage is the authoritative source for tax assessment purposes in West Virginia. Paragraph 7.6.e.2. of the WV 189 CSR 3 “Statewide Procedures for the Maintenance and Publishing of Surface Tax Maps” states that if the deeded acreage does not match the calculated acreage, then the deeded acreage shall take precedence.

Who is the tax assessor in West Virginia?

The Assessor and his deputies are directed by West Virginia Constitution, Article X, Section I, to determine the value of all real and personal property at fair market value for each tax year.

How does the county Collections Division in West Virginia work?

The County Collections Division’s primary function is to return tax-delinquent lands to private ownership so the revenues derived can be allocated to the appropriate counties in West Virginia. This is accomplished by redemption of property and by offering the parcels at public auction.

When do property tax maps have to be revised in West Virginia?

For property transfers occurring between July 1st and June 30, assessors are required to have tax maps revised and submitted to the WV Property Tax Division no later than February 1 of the subsequent calendar year.

What are the duties of a county assessor?

The specific duties of the Assessor are to discover, list and value all Real and Personal property located within the boundaries of the county on an annual basis. All valuations must occur on a fiscal year basis commencing on the first day of July. The Assessor does not set your property tax.