How high can a fence be in the front garden?

How high can a fence be in the front garden?

The general rule of thumb is that in a property’s back garden, fence panels can be a maximum of 2m high. If you are thinking about front garden fences, restrictions state that fences alongside a driveway can be a maximum of 1m or 3ft.

What is the highest you can have a garden fence?

You can’t erect a garden fence higher than 2 metres unless you have planning permission. This is a general rule and it may vary across local councils. The regulation applies even when the land is steep.

How tall does fence need to be at neighbours side?

The height at your neighbours side does exceed 2 metres but only by a minimal amount. In light of the extent of the breach and the impact this breach is having on both properties we will not be taking enforcement action in respect of this .

How tall is the fence in front of my Window?

Hi, my neighbour has put a fence up in front of my window. Hello,My neighbour to the right hand side of my garden has had a brick building built at the end of there garden. It is 2.8 metres high by 20ft … read more My neighbour has erected a fence between our two properties without any consultation or permission from me.

How big of a fence can I build around my garden?

To clarify that, the fence can run from the rear boundary of your garden to the front line of your house at 1.8 mtrs and then can be no more than 1.2 mtrs to the front boundary of the property but you must get planning permission before you erect it!

Can you put a 2m fence on your boundary?

Yes, on your boundary often about 2 metres for courtesy, and to give privacy. It must follow the boundary line exactly to avoid disputes. how dose one go on with a pair of semedetached with bay windows four feet apart,,a dispute I had to sort out , the only way must start with both parties shaking hands,

What is the maximum fence height for UK front gardens?

Uk boundary law is very clear on the fence height for front gardens. If your front garden is next to a footpath or public road then it’s limited to 1 metre. Front Garden Fence Height If you want to have a higher fence or wall around your front garden then you will need to require planning permission.

How tall can a fence be without planning permission?

If your fence (typically the front garden fence) fronts a road, a footpath or public highway and is more than 1 metre high – then you need to apply for planning permission. If your fence does not front a road (usually the back garden), then the maximum height without planning permission is 2 metres, including any trellis topper.

What should I do if my neighbours fence is too tall?

It sounds as if the fence is beyond this and could be an obstruction to highway visibility as you have stated. Therefore if your neighbour is not prepared to resolve the issue amicably, I would recommend contacting the enforcement department at the Local Authority to make an enforcement complaint.

What’s the best way to add height to a fence?

A trellis topper can be a lighter, less dramatic way to add a bit of height to your garden fence. Erecting a high fence can sometimes be perceived negatively, especially if you have close neighbours, but a medium fence with a trellis topper is a handy way to get around that.