How many species of deer are there in India?

How many species of deer are there in India?

20 Species of Deer-Antelopes and Wild Goats of India.

Which is the largest Indian deer?

Sambar Deer is the largest members of deer family,native to the Indian subcontinent. The Indian sambar is also the most commonly seen deer species and one of the favorite prey of tigers in India.

Which is the only species of red deer found in India?

Hangul or Kashmir Stag is the only surviving race of the Red Deer and is found only in India’s Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Where are deer found in India?

In India there two races of the is deer found: one is the swamp inhabiting and is found mainly in the Terai region of U.P., small numbers in the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary and more recently discovered herd in Jhilmil Jheel in Uttaranchal. and as well as in Assam.

What is deer called in India?

The chital (/tʃiːtəl/; Axis axis), also known as spotted deer, chital deer, and axis deer, is a species of deer that is native to the Indian subcontinent….

Subfamily: Cervinae
Genus: Axis
Species: A. axis
Binomial name

Is killing deer illegal in India?

Hunting and India Post-Independence, hunting was banned by the government under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, except for specified purposes such as for self-defence, to prevent crop damage, to counter vermin species and for scientific or educational reasons. Hunting for sport is prohibited in India.

What is a female axis deer called?

Doe or female Axis deer do not have antlers as they are only present on males or bucks. The females are generally smaller in size and you can spot the golden color with white spots on the upper body of the female deer in the image.

Is deer meat legal in India?

Why is deer meat banned in India? This ban is not for religious reasons (other than the beef ban), but to protect the various species of wild life.

What is the punishment for killing a peacock in India?

The hunting and killing of the peacock, India’s national bird, is prohibited by law. According to the Indian Forest Act of 1972, those found guilty under this law can be jailed for up to seven years.

What are the different types of deer in India?

Types of Deer. 1 Axis Deer. The Axis Deer (Axis axis), which is sometimes called the Chital Deer or Spotted Deer is a beautiful species of deer native to India, Nepal, 2 Barasingha Deer. 3 Bawean Deer. 4 Bornean Yellow Muntjac. 5 Brocket Deer.

What kind of deer are Indian muntjac deer?

While Indian Muntjac deer are a species of deer, they are quite different than the animals we are familiar with in North America. They are small in size and instead of antlers they have spiky tusks. While most species of deer are herbivores, Indian Muntjac deer are actually omnivores.

How are deer antlers different in eastern and central India?

The surroundings play very important role in the body development of deer species. Deer species of central India are known for their large size and big antlers. Whereas the species found in Eastern and Southern India have antlers smaller in size.

Which is the most common wild animal in India?

Antelopes family,Wild Goat and Deer species of India are one of the most common seen wild animals in the forest and national parks. The chital also known as spotted deer is the most common deer species found in Indian forests and commonly inhabits wooded regions of Indian Subcontinent.