How much was the skylight burglar sued for?

How much was the skylight burglar sued for?

A burglar fell through a skylight, and sued the owner of the skylight for his injuries. Bodine sued for $8 million (in 1984 dollars, about $16 million today) and settled for the nuisance sum of $260,000 plus $1200/month for life, about the equivalent of a million dollars in conservatively-estimated 2006 present value.

How did Ricky fall through the skylight?

Ricky climbed the roof, removed the floodlight, lowered it to the ground to his friends, and, as he was walking across the roof (perhaps to steal a second floodlight), he fell through the skylight.

How did the Hyatt Regency skywalk collapse happen?

The structural engineering manager requested it be submitted as a formal change request, delaying the final review until a later date. The fabricator did not formally submit the change from one continuous to two offset rods as requested by the structural engineer.

How many people died in the Kansas City skywalk collapse?

The collapse caused the death of 114 people and the injury of more than 180, and traumatized countless others. The effects were felt throughout Kansas City and the United States and served as a wake-up call to the engineering community.

What should I know about slip and fall injuries?

Understanding common slip and fall injuries can help you better communicate your injuries to both your doctor and your Las Vegas slip and fall injury lawyer. This can allow your doctor to build a better treatment program, and can also help your slip & fall attorney better prepare your claim for compensation.

What happens if I win a slip and fall case?

If the case is lost, you won’t owe any legal fees for the attorney’s work. Contingency fee arrangement percentages vary, but 30% to 40% is common. Make sure you discuss what you are responsible for paying and how much of a percentage the attorney will take from your settlement if you win.

How often do people go to the ER for a slip and fall?

There are approximately eight million emergency room visits each year because of falls. Of those falls, roughly 12 percent are slip and fall accidents. When you slip and fall, there’s a five percent chance that you’re going to break a bone. A slip and fall accident causes severe injuries in 20-30 percent of cases.

How many spinal cord injuries are caused by slip and fall?

Slip and fall accidents are responsible for almost 90 percent of fractures suffered by people over the age of 65 and are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries and brain traumas. Slip and fall accidents are responsible for 40 percent of all admissions to nursing homes.