How to find a contractor for a bathroom remodel?

How to find a contractor for a bathroom remodel?

Plus, you’ll have a greater range of bids to choose from. Bathroom contractors typically show up for the interview with a picture gallery of the previous bathroom remodels, either in a picture book or on a screen. You can also view the contractor’s portfolio on their website or on contractor-matching sites that they belong to.

Can a homeowner sue an individual contractor?

As a general rule, you cannot sue someone individually if you really had a contract only with his or her business. But there are exceptions. Some business entities will be essentially empty shells with no assets; sometimes the homeowner never actually signed a contract indicating a relationship with a business entity.

When did I hire contractor to Renovate my House?

In February 2014, I hired this contract to do a significant renovation on a house. The contractor was licensed, insured, and he was recommended to me. The house appeared to have foundation problems and was leaning to one side.

What’s the best way to hire a bathroom contractor?

One way to ensure the best bathroom remodel is to hire a bathroom contractor with experience who can see your project through to its successful completion. When you speak to just one or two bathroom contractors, you gain only a limited set of viewpoints.

Can a homeowner sue a construction company?

If you are a homeowner and are unhappy with a contractor’s work, you may be able to sue the contractor on your own. Suing a contractor can be a time consuming and stressful experience. There are many steps involved in filing a successful lawsuit, including collecting evidence and calculating damages.

Can a contractor underbid a remodeling project?

Generally, you should have little or no issues with the trades if the contractor feels good enough to work with that person. Suspicious homeowners are sometimes convinced that contractors underbid remodel projects, all the while planning to load up the projects with extra tasks after the contract is signed.

Can a contractor Sue you Without a written contract?

Actually, the contractor can sue you as well. Something called the statute of frauds —a legal doctrine describing when a contract must be written in order to be enforceable—does not bar the enforcement of an oral contract for the provision of services. Then it’s a matter of proving the oral contract existed, however.

How to deal with a contractor during a remodel?

Do not be afraid to speak the truth. While no contractor likes a client who is impolite, the contractor does want to deal with requests now, long before the project is finished. Resentments that fester and turn into lawsuits help no one. Just be civil and professional about it, and the contractor will, too. Continue to 9 of 10 below.