How to get back in contact with old clients?

How to get back in contact with old clients?

Create your list of “people I want to get back in contact with” and categorise them into Perfect 10, and Dream 100. For the Dream 100 contacts, identify a common factor you can build your value round. Create your valuable free or low-cost offer. Get back in touch and make the offer. The phone is usually best if you knew them well.

Why did my client threaten to sue me?

Last year might have been a good year for me, if clients hadn’t stiffed me out of of more than $8,000. It wasn’t out of any legal battle, disagreement over fees or anything else. They just didn’t have the money, or didn’t want to pay me after it was done because their project was cancelled (not my fault!), or they wanted something different.

Why do I lose touch with old clients?

Work pressures and long hours mean we lose touch with old clients and contacts. A few months without communication can easily turn into a year. And then it becomes too embarrassing to call to re-establish contact.

Is it bad to call an old client out of blue?

Many of us are concerned that a call or email “out of the blue” will come across as desperate, or too pushy, or too “salesy”. It won’t – if you do it right. Put yourself in the shoes of your old contact for a moment. Would you really mind if someone you worked with a while ago got back in touch?

Is it worth it to sue a client?

When the anger of not getting what one wants settles down and reality settles in most mentally healthy adults realize that tying up 1-3 years of our life, energy, resources, time and money is probably not worth the $1,000 to $2,500 we’re trying to collect.

What happens if you sue a client for non payment?

Suing a client for non-payment is a serious thing. It could damage the reputation of the business you are in a dispute with, as well as the reputation of your own business. It will also take up valuable time you could be working at generating new revenue rather than chasing down old debts.

How to respond to a client threatening to sue you?

They may feel unheard, or panicked too. Their solution is to pull out the big guns and unleash on the vendor or provider in hopes of making all those feelings, their problems and their lack of a budget go away. Sometimes their anger is justified, sometimes it’s not.

When to think twice about suing your employer?

If you sue your employer, it won’t be enough for you to prove that your employer made the wrong decision, or even that your employer was a no-goodnik. If you don’t have a valid legal claim against your employer, then you will ultimately lose your case. One big reason to think twice before you sue.