Is it free to move to the Netherlands from the US?

Is it free to move to the Netherlands from the US?

Whether you’re moving to the Netherlands alone or moving to the Netherlands with a family, we’ve got everything you need right here, from education to neighbourhoods and house prices. And we promise not to use any double Dutch. We can also offer you free quotes for shipping your possessions.

How much does it cost to move to the Netherlands by air?

If you’re in one of those situations, here are the costs of moving your belongings to the Netherlands by air. The prices are based on the transportation of household goods worth $53,620, weighing 250kg, and measuring 110cm x 110cm x 123cm.

What’s the average shipping rate from the US to the Netherlands?

We’ve calculated the average international shipping rates and durations for some of our most sought-after journeys from the US to the Netherlands.

Do you need to convert savings into euros to move to Netherlands?

If you’re about to move to the Netherlands, you’ll probably need to convert some of your savings into euros. However, it’s best to avoid using high street banks for this process, as you’ll usually have to pay high fees, and you won’t get the best exchange rate.

Is it easy to move to the Netherlands from the US?

The Netherlands is a welcoming country that’s relatively easy to move to, has pretty happy citizens, and places the same cultural emphasis on waffles, potatoes, and beer that you’ll be familiar with in the US.

What’s the best way to move to Amsterdam?

How to Move to Amsterdam 1. Get A Job 2. Find An Apartment 3. Get Your BSN Number 4. Get Your Residency Permit 5. Open A Bank Account 6. Get Health Insurance 7. Get Your OV Card or Bicycle

How much does it cost to move furniture from us to Netherlands?

The rates are sourced from, and are based on the port-to-port transportation of a 20ft container of used furniture worth $53,620 – the typical value of the contents of a three-bedroom house (according to Admiral Insurance.) These prices were last updated in August 2019.

Can you travel to the Netherlands with covid-19?

Yes. The Dutch government requires COVID-19 PCR testing within 72 hours and a rapid test no more than 4 hours prior to departure. For details and a list of exemptions please see .