Is it illegal to cuss in Georgia?

Is it illegal to cuss in Georgia?

Under Georgia law, it is illegal to use “obscene and vulgar or profane language in the presence of a female or of a male under the age of 14.” No mere remnant of the past, the law was enacted in 1968; now, by a 6-1 vote, the Georgia Supreme Court has upheld its constitutionality.

Can you be charged for cursing?

As you already know, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects free speech. Because of the Amendment, police officers generally cannot arrest people, nor can the government prosecute them, simply for what they’ve said.

Can you get in trouble for cursing someone out?

It’s the law. While generally protected under free speech — take the 1971 decision protecting the wearer of a jacket printed with “f*ck the draft,” — cursing in public in some states is still classified as a misdemeanor, and can be subject to enforcement.

Is it illegal to swear in front of a child in Georgia?

Can you get fined for swearing in front of a child in Georgia? A Georgia law enforcement officer commented on the post, saying it’s even more serious in Georgia. You can be fined $1,000 for swearing in front of a kid!

Is verbal abuse a crime in Georgia?

The statute § 16-5-25 protects a person from the charge of simple assault if s/he reacts violently to offensive or abusive language. If you yell at, curse, or threaten a harasser (which is not behavior we suggest doing anyway), and s/he reacts violently, the courts may side with the harasser.

Are cops allowed to swear at you?

It’s generally legal to curse at and insult police officers. But the issue has been litigated in courts — and there are some exceptions to the rule.

Is swearing in front of a child illegal?

Swearing in front of your children IS acceptable – according to more than half of parents. It also emerged one third will continue to use expletives even if children know what they mean – as long as they know they aren’t allowed to repeat them themselves.