Is it true that police officers are not held accountable?

Is it true that police officers are not held accountable?

But there’s one key issue where it turns out protesters and law enforcement officers overwhelmingly agree: Bad cops aren’t held accountable.

Can a police officer make sense of your evidence?

Often times, police cannot make “sense” of the evidence you are providing, especially if they are not technology savvy. Therefore it is mandatory that your evidence is easy-to-understand. If you can, compose your evidence then have a family member or friend who is not familiar with the harassment review it.

What to do if police won’t help you?

The choice is ultimately YOURS and only yours. Dealing with severe harassment is the same. Daily hurtful, malicious messages that launch attacks on your character, your family, your job… it is depressing and exceptionally painful… if you ALLOW it to be so.

Are there more police officers than the public?

“Overall, the surveys find that police are significantly more likely than the public to say the country has made the changes necessary to give blacks equal rights with whites (80% vs. 48%),” the Pew Research Center said in a report.

Can a police officer lie about having evidence?

Police officers can legally lie to you about having evidence. If a policer officer tells you that they found your DNA at the scene of the crime, they may not necessarily be telling the truth—and that’s perfectly within their rights.

What do police officers Don’t Want you to know?

Most people/officers don’t really care about their co-workers’ sexual preferences any more than they care about if they are right-handed or left-handed. How an officer is treated boils down to their character and abilities on the job. Are they an honest person?

Is it true that police do not take crimes seriously?

Absolutely yes! It is extremely disheartening to hear political “leaders” suggest that police departments do not take crimes seriously, simply based on the location of the crime. This claim is most often done for personal and political gain.

Can a police officer pull you over without a reason?

The police don’t have the right to pull you over without probable cause, notes Dallas criminal attorney Mick Mickelson. What’s more, if they do pull you over without a reason to do so and subsequently find evidence of a crime in your car, “they usually can’t use that evidence in court against you.” 18