Is there a guide to the litigation process?

Is there a guide to the litigation process?

This guide sets out a general overview of the litigation process. It does not cover every possible stage of the process, but highlights those which are likely to apply to most cases. As each case is different, the particular steps required, and timetable followed, will depend on the facts, circumstances and nature of the dispute.

Are there outside counsel guidelines for litigation management?

Strong outside counsel guidelines can effectively set expectations for outside counsel.

What kind of people are involved in litigation?

Eventually though, you will move on to more complex activities as you gain experience. Litigators usually work closely with colleagues from other departments (e.g. banking and finance, corporate, commercial and real estate) and a whole host of other support staff. Litigation is subject to frequent changes and developments over a period of time.

When does litigation privilege extend beyond lawyer / client communications?

There are limited circumstances when the privilege may extend beyond such lawyer/client communications (litigation privilege may, for instance, extend to communications with third parties, where that is for the purpose of obtaining information or advice in connection with existing or contemplated litigation)”.

Strong outside counsel guidelines can effectively set expectations for outside counsel.

What do I need to know about Forbes Legal Council?

For legal advice, you should consult with an attorney concerning your specific situation. Forbes Legal Council is an invitation-only, fee-based organization for partners of prestigious law firms and experienced chief legal executives. Find out if you qualify…

How to be an expert in litigation management?

Insist on being a voice at the table with counsel and third parties. Of all of the parties involved, you have a unique (and often the best) combination of legal acumen and knowledge of the business. Outside counsel may be the expert in litigation, but you are the expert on your clients’ business.

What’s the difference between class action and multi district litigation?

A class-action case involves a single lawsuit filed by a large group of people who have suffered similar harm by the same defendant (or defendants). The individuals within the class consolidate their claims into the one legal action.