What do you need to grow medical marijuana in Colorado?

What do you need to grow medical marijuana in Colorado?

Medical Marijuana Center: Facility from which patients purchase medical marijuana and medical marijuana infused products. Owners of this type of facility must also own and operate at least one Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation license and produce a minimum of 70% of all on-hand inventory.

What are the medical marijuana laws in Colorado?

Amendment 20 amended the State Constitution to allow medical marijuana use by approved patients who have obtained a doctor’s written consent. Colorado’s medical marijuana laws currently allow a patient to possess up to 2 ounces of medical marijuana and grow up to 6 marijuana plants (3 of which can be mature and flowering at any given time).

Do you need a license to grow medical marijuana?

There are no independent Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation licenses. In order to operate, these facilities must be associated with either a Medical Marijuana Center or an Infused Product Manufacturer facility and may only provide their product to that single entity.

Can you get a marijuana business license in Colorado?

Colorado state statute authorizes the State Licensing Authority to issue the following Regulated Marijuana Business Licenses (Each facility is authorized to engage only in the type of activity for which it is licensed and as described in statute.):

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Colorado?

Amendment 64 specifically authorizes: Colorado residents to legally grow up to six marijuana plants as long as three or fewer of these plants are mature at any given time. Coloradans who grow marijuana are allowed to possess the marijuana they’ve produced on the premises where it was grown.

What license do you need to grow marijuana?

All Marijuana growing marijuana businesses/entities need a business license and an EIN. Selling/Buying Marijuana growing marijuana related (items/merchandise/food) wholesale or retail requires a CO growing marijuana seller’s permit.

How do you grow marijuana in Colorado?

To become a a marijuana grower, dispensary or a pot retail store in Colorado, you will need to apply for an Colorado Medical Marijuana Occupational Business License, a clearance and a vendor’s registration. However, you first need to set up a business with licenses.

Is there a marijuana registry in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment established the Medical Marijuana Registry Program in 2001 to issue Medical Marijuana ID Cards and maintain a state registry of medical marijuana patients and caregivers.