What is Baby Bio used for?

What is Baby Bio used for?

Baby Bio® Pour & Feed is designed for houseplants and outdoor plants in containers and hanging baskets. It contains balanced nutrients for healthy plant growth, and it’s also enriched with seaweed. Regular use will encourage bigger, greener leaves and vibrant flowers.

Is Baby Bio plant food organic?

Try Baby Bio Outdoor Fruit and Vegetable or Phostrogen All Purpose Plant food. A 5-8CM layer of organic matter applied over the roots of your vegetable plants will cool the soil, reduce weeds, and help prevent soil moisture fluctuations that ruin quality.

Can I use baby bio houseplant food on herbs?

The 175ml bottle of Baby Bio Herb Food is a great all round liquid concentrate feed for herbs. Ideal for home-grown herbs and can be used with herbs grown both inside and or outside.

Can you use baby bio on bonsai trees?

Feeding your bonsai You can use a proprietary bonsai fertilizer or one low in nitrogen such as baby bio. This will insure the growth is not too vigorous.

Is Baby Bio any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product, but hard to open! This is a very concentrated feed, so will last a very long time if used for small houseplants as was the case with my own purchase. Really seemed to bring some life back into some nutrient-deprived houseplants scattered around my house.

Can Baby Bio go off?

Liquid fertilizer does eventually go bad, but you can expect it to last for around 10 years if it’s stored under the proper conditions.

Is Baby Bio plant food any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great feed for houseplants. Great feed for plants grown indoors. Use it on all plants including lettuce and tomatoes growing in the Conservatory. No mess, no problems.

Is Baby Bio safe to use on edible plants?

No, don’t use Baby Bio. It isn’t suitable for edible produce. If you’ve repotted it, it should be ok (as supermarkets don’t use proper compost and without repotting in good compost they won’t last). If it’s in a good compost it shouldn’t need feeding really, if you do just use a little fruit or veg fertiliser.

What is a real Bonsai tree?

Bonsai is an ancient living art form that utilizes growing and training techniques to produce miniature trees that mimic the appearance of their full-sized counterparts. Nearly any perennial, woody-stemmed tree or shrub that produces true branches can be trained as a bonsai tree.

Can you use too much baby bio?

just use baby bio sparingly, like it says on the bottle. you can overdose a plant.

Is Baby Bio OK for cacti?

Baby Bio® Cactus Food is the ideal feed for your cacti and succulents, aiding healthy growth and flowering, the feed also. It can be used on a range of plants including Mammillaria, Sempervivum, Aloe, Christmas cacti & many more.

Is Baby Bio poisonous to dogs?

Many gardeners mix disulfoton with bone meal and spread it in the soil surrounding the roses. Dogs may eat the soil for the bone meal and be poisoned by the disulfoton. Fortunately, extremely toxic insecticides, such as disulfoton, are being replaced with safer ones, such as imidacloprid.

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Who is the manufacturer of Baby Bio plants?

Baby Bio is the brand name for a range of house plant and, more recently, outdoor plant care products created by Pan Britannica Industries Ltd (PBI) and marketed by Bayer.

What does Baby Bio original houseplant food do?

The Baby Bio Original Houseplant Food is an amazing way of promoting growth in any plant, Britains favourite house plant food for over 60 years. This product is guaranteed to improve your plant’s health, brightening up your plants with greener leaves and vibrant colours.

What kind of product is Baby Bio fertilizer?

Baby Bio is the brand name for a range of house plant and, more recently, outdoor plant care products created by Pan Britannica Industries Ltd (PBI) and marketed by Bayer. The most popular and first Baby Bio product was a house plant feed, or fertilizer, which is a dark brown concentrate that must be diluted with water before use.