What is re-examination in evidence?

What is re-examination in evidence?

The re-examination means to be directed to the explanation of matters referred in cross-examination and if new matter is introduced in-re-examination by permission of the Court, the adverse party can further cross-examine upon that matter. Section 137 in The Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Can leading question be asked in re-examination?

Section 142 does not mention asking leading questions during cross-examination. But, Section 143 states that leading questions can be asked even in cross-examination. Leading questions cannot be asked in examination-in-chief, cross-examination, or re-examination only if objected by the other party.

What is considered evidence?

In legal terms, evidence covers the burden of proof, admissibility, relevance, weight and sufficiency of what should be admitted into the record of a legal proceeding. Evidence — crucial in both civil and criminal proceedings — may include blood or hair samples, video surveillance recordings, or witness testimony.

What is leading question when it Cannot be asked?

Leading Question Defined Under The Indian Evidence Act Section 141 Leading Questions[4]: – Any question suggesting the answer which the person putting it wishes or expects to receive is called a leading question.

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