What is the mission of the company mural?

What is the mission of the company mural?

MURAL is on a mission to inspire and connect imagination workers globally by providing teams the means, the methods, and the freedom to innovate from anywhere. and collaboration. Back in 2011, MURAL began with a question: how might we make visual collaboration easy?

What do you need to know about mural?

We’re looking for talented, passionate teammates to join us as we scale visual collaboration around the world. MURAL is the kind of place where you can evolve as a person and grow into who you want to be. I’ve seen people change roles multiple times and thrive in a way they couldn’t imagine.

Where are the teams of mural located in the world?

Our global, distributed team is growing fast, and we’re looking for talented people who want to share the journey in building an extraordinary product. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and San Francisco, our teams are spread across California, Colorado, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and beyond.

Who was the artist who painted the Facebook mural?

Jim Wilson/The New York TimesFrom left, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker of Facebook in 2005. The murals are by the artist David Choe.

Why did people paint murals on their walls?

During the Baroque period in France, Germany and England, rich art patrons and royalty had Biblical and allegorical murals painted on the ceilings and of their luxurious homes and palaces. Patrons often had themselves painted into the mural, as a way of capturing their likenesses for all time.

When was the last time a mural was painted?

Ancient murals have also survived in Egyptian tombs circa 3150 BC, the Minoan palaces from the Neopalatial period circa 1700-1600 BC, and in Pompeii circa 100 BC to 79 CE (AD). These ancient murals were ‘painted’ with whatever materials, always natural, were available at the time.

Where are the Facebook murals in Palo Alto?

Facebook clearly understood the value of Mr. Choe’s murals. When the company outgrew its first offices in Palo Alto and moved to a larger space, the mural-covered concrete walls were removed from the building and placed on display in the new offices.