What lawyer deals with contracts?

What lawyer deals with contracts?

Business transactional lawyers usually handle transactions like negotiating deals, and they also draft documents like employment agreements. Business litigation lawyers, on the other hand, handle lawsuits just like when somebody sues a company for violations on the terms of a contract.

Why do you need a representation agreement with your attorney?

The simple reason to have a written agreement with your attorney is to make sure that both parties to the contract know what is going on. Most disputes that arise between lawyers and their clients are about money, whether it is how much the attorney is owed, or how much the client is owed as a refund.

What is a contract between an attorney and a client?

This agreement is a contract, and shall describe the services that Attorney will provide to Client, the compensation that Attorney will receive, and each parties’ obligations relating to the performance of this contract.

What happens if you lose a representation agreement?

If the client loses the case, then the attorney does not get paid. If you have agreed upon a contingency fee arrangement, you representation agreement should include terms that set out what percentage of the eventual award or settlement the attorney will receive.

What happens if you have a problem with a lawyer in Oregon?

Most lawyers are reputable and work hard to represent their clients enthusiastically and effectively. Lawyers who violate the rules of conduct are subject to discipline by the Oregon Supreme Court; in very serious cases this can mean a suspension or loss of the lawyer’s license to practice.

Can a principal sign a power of attorney in Oregon?

A principal who deals in real estate might grant an agent the power to sign closing documents on their behalf. Oregon also allows principals to draft powers of attorney that only become effective in the case of a specific event, such as an inability to manage financial affairs.

Can a Bank refuse a power of attorney in Oregon?

Oregon law also specifically prevents people from refusing to honor a power of attorney based solely on the length of time since its creation. For example, a bank cannot refuse to grant an agent the authority to act under an otherwise valid power of attorney merely because the principal signed it 20 years ago.

Where can I get legal advice in Oregon?

The Client Assistance Office cannot give you legal advice and we cannot force a lawyer to resolve a problem in any particular way. You can reach the Client Assistance Office at (503) 620-0222 in the Portland metro area, and at (800) 452-8260 from elsewhere in Oregon.